The Beginner’s Guide To Car Fumigation In Singapore

Have you ever ridden a taxi or car rental and found bed bugs squeezing themselves in the creases of the seat? Perhaps, you have seen six-legged stowaways scurrying at the darkest nooks of the public bus. You would suggestpest management in mass transport systems.

Pests not only do live in your rubbish and pantry, but they are also feeling at home in vehicles. Some researchers believe that rats have conquered the world after hopping on ships and caravans thousands of years ago.

It can still happen today. Many passengers bring pests, such as bed bugs, home after unknowingly carrying them through their clothes or bags.

These pests have been a primary challenge for taxi operators, car rental companies, and fleet managers. One way to stop this parasitism relationship is through car fumigation in Singapore.

All You Need To Know About Car Fumigation In Singapore

If you are familiar with pest control in Singapore, car fumigation is almost the same. Their only difference is that the former is usually used in specific locations and infrastructures, such as homes, restaurants, and malls. The latter is strictly for vehicles, like cars and buses.

What is car fumigation?

Car Fumigation is a pest managementmethod that includes pest extermination and disinfection in vehicles. It uses poisonous gases to kill and destroy critters, microorganisms, and larger animals such as mice and rodents.

What are the common pests found in vehicles?

●    Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found everywhere. Their prevalence can be blamed on their survivability.

Cockroaches live near people as they are their source of food. You can usually find them in groups, squeezing themselves in dark creases and crevices. They like warm and moist environments, but their adaptability helps them thrive in unusual conditions, including moving vehicles.

On top of that, their diet increases their survivability rate. Cockroaches can eat anything and everything, from leftovers to carcasses down to the leather.

An adult cockroach can reproduce more or less 300 offspring in a year. Many fleet managers hire the cheapest pest control in Singapore to kill these critters.

●    Bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, oval, and brownish to reddish critters that feed on animal and human blood. Bed bugs look like apple seeds, but they swell after consuming blood.

Like cockroaches, bed bugs squeeze themselves in creases and crevices of your mattress and bed frame. But they are not exclusive in bed. These bloodsuckers can live in clothing, bags, and upholstered chairs, like your car seat.

Bed bugs, known to be fast crawlers, are active at night, making them difficult to exterminate. An adult bed bug can produce more or less five eggs in a day.

Bed bugs’ bites are as itchy as mosquitoes, but you may feel a slight skin piercing when they bite. Consistent car fumigation from a pest control company in Singaporecan eliminate the population of bed bugs in your vehicles.

●    Carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are tiny, oval insects that feed on wool, felt, skin, leather, and other fabric and fibrous materials. Their colours vary depending on the species. Some carpet beetles are black, while others are brown with white spots. There are carpet beetles that eat dead insects as well.

Carpet beetles like to hide in dark areas. Unlike bed bugs, carpet beetles do not bite, but they can be destructive. They create holes in your fabric and bald patches on felt and wool textiles. Their sheddings can trigger allergy and asthma attacks as well.

Carpet beetles produce more or less 40 eggs a day.

Car fumigation in Singapore can help eradicate the population of these destructive critters in your vehicle.

●    Ants

Perhaps, everyone has seen ants. Ants are tiny insects with stinging bites. They come in different colours, such as red and black. Ants feed on plants, food crumbs, and dead insects and animals.

Ant colonies usually make ant hills beneath the soil. They are rarely found living in a functioning vehicle; however, when they detect food inside your car, hundreds and thousands of ants can invade your vehicle by passing through tiny cracks and crevices.

Most car owners can control ant infestation using insecticides. But when the invasion is severe, they call pest management services.

●    Moulds and mildew

Moulds and mildew are not pests, but they are fungi that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks and become irritants. They can also cause other respiratory diseases.

Moulds and mildew grow when the interior of your car gets wet. It could be due to spilt drink, sweat, and rain. When the moist area gets exposed to warm air, moulds will form. Mould and mildew clusters often appear as white, yellowish, and black patches on your car seat, carpet, or dashboard.

Car fumigation in Singapore also kills microorganisms such as fungi through disinfection.

Did-you-know-that-people-with-mould-allergies-are-likely-to-experience-complications-such-as-mould-iIs car fumigation in Singapore necessary?

Car fumigation is necessary because of several reasons:

●    It prevents the spread of diseases.

Cockroaches are known to carry infection-causing bacteria and parasites, such as salmonella and E-coli. People contract these bacteria when they ingest contaminated food. These bacteria cause intestinal infections. It can be a problem if the vehicle is transporting food products.

●    It prevents passenger discomfort.

Bed bugs and ant bites can cause discomfort to your passengers. Also, seeing bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests give a terrible impression on your customers. It can be a problem if you are a taxi and car rental company.

●    It prevents the destruction of your vehicle.

Carpet beetles eat your carpet, leather car seat, and the felt covering of your vehicle. You can prevent them from slowly destroying your car by calling your cheapestpest control service in Singapore.

●    It prevents the spread of pests.

Bed bugs, carpet beetles, and other pests spread into homes by clinging to the bags and clothes of passengers.


Now, we know what car fumigation in Singapore is and why it is necessary. One question remains: how often should you get car fumigation?

It depends on the standard and the pests you are combatting. If your logistics business involves transporting food, you can do daily washing. If your car is for mass transport, you can do it fortnightly or monthly. Also, consider the reproduction speed of the pests you want to control.

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