The Best Heavy-Duty Wooden Chopping Boards to Protect Your Best Blades

You might have the best blades in your kitchen but you really need to invest in a quality chopping board to achieve the best performance. Instead of choosing your chopping boards keeping in mind those misplaced sanitation concerns or the beautiful looks of the thing, you should better invest in the quality wooden pieces that would make cutting simple, efficient, and straightforward for you. Wondering what makes the best chopping boards? Here we have a few top picks for you.

1. John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Cutting Board – Best Quality Wooden Chopping Board

This reversible cutting board is by far the best option available on the market. It’s the best quality wooden chopping board that boasts maple wood construction and has an attractive, elegant design to offer. With its reversible design, the chopping board allows you to flip it over as needed to enjoy cutting on a fresh surface without having to wash it. It may, however, need some extra care to ensure it is kept in the best shape.

2. J.K. Adams Reversible Maple Chopping Board

One of the best boards around for carving meat, this one from J.K. Adams comes with a lot of amazing features. It boasts of grooves in its surface as well as a little slope towards the side to make sure that any juices released from the meat run down into one large well and the board is kept clean to do the chopping. You can also go for optional steel spikes which can be helpful in keeping your meat pieces locked into place when you carve them out. This attractive chopping board is big enough to carve a turkey on it. And, with five years warranty on offer, it makes a safe choice.

3. Salter Bamboo Chopping Board With Lip

Another best quality wooden chopping board to protect your blades, this bamboo chopping board boasts of an outstanding design. Towards its front edge, you’ll find an ingenious lip which you can butt securely against the countertop to ensure safe and secure chopping and slicing. It’s your mess-free way of sliding peelings off your worktop’s edge and making them go into some compost caddy. It doesn’t allow the food to slide off its back either because you can flip the board for stopping any cross-contamination. It also comes with a 5-year warranty and makes a reliable choice.

4. Oak and Rope Carving Board

One of the more expensive choices out there, this board really takes quality and style to a whole new level. In fact, this handcrafted chopping board also makes a perfect choice for a family heirloom or a cool wedding gift. Made using English oak, this chopping board can come hand-carved with words of your choice.

5. Sonder Los Angeles Multipurpose American Walnut Wood Chopping Board

Another high-quality chopping board on the list, this one is made using American walnut and boasts decorative accents of oak and cherry wood. You can really show it off by leaving your chopping board on the countertop instead of stashing it away in the cabinet. It’s quite functional as well courtesy of its reversible design and you can use it from either side when doing your food preparations.

So, what do you make of these amazing wooden chopping boards that are a perfect choice for heavy-duty chopping and carving in the kitchen? For more amazing options, has an entire range on offer. Check out their collection now!