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Almost half of the respondents stated that they make their contributions regularly and without delay (41%). Those who allow for fun state that it is from a few days, up to a month. This is a total of 44%. Reasons for overdue delinquency are the reluctance of respondents to accumulate bad credit (46%), as well as the fact that they assess as very high penalties and interest rates for defaulting on credit (40%).

Most fast-moving consumers have clearly stated their intention to pool all the loans they pay out. This is 64% of the group of respondents who have fast credit. The benefits of consolidating obligations into one place are undeniable. Starting from the fact that pooling loans saves a significant portion of the cost, to the purely practical point of view that the loan becomes one and you do not need to remember the maturity of each loan. For this you can visit and come up with the solutions now.

Almost half of those using fast credit said they would withdraw it again (48%). 31% are hesitant and 21% of surveyed users say they would not use quick credit in case of need. Among the main reasons why respondents do not want to borrow from a non-bank financial institution are:

  • High interest rates and fees
  • “I don’t want to be in debt.”
  • High penalties for late payment

Non-users but willing to use fast credit

This proportion of respondents who intend to withdraw a loan from a non-bank institution makes up only 8% of all users surveyed. 44% said they did not use the services of non-banking institutions because they did not need them. They are followed by those who find the conditions unfavourable (26%) and those who have been denied funding (20%).

According to this group, the main advantage that is reflected in their choice to borrow from a non-bank institution over a bank loan is that they do not require proof of income and many documents.

And for this group of respondents the interest, together with the speed of the answer, as well as the size and number of instalments are decisive in the selection of the offer. It is noteworthy that both consumers and those who use fast credit are mainly interested in how quickly they can get the amount they need. Failure to know the other terms of the offer could play a bad joke and make it impossible for the obligation to be repaid on time.

  • Respondents who intend to withdraw a loan from a non-bank institution intend to withdraw an amount higher than that withdrawn by those who already have a quick loan. 24% of this group would like to take a loan between 1000 and 2000 $. They would also prefer to take the opportunity to apply online (44%).

For this group, the total cost of a loan from a non-banking institution is defined as high (35%) and very high (24%). There is a considerable proportion of those who do not know what the annual percentage rate of charge is (23%).