The Complete Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Are you struggling with weight, and do you need a faster, guaranteed solution? We do not mean magic elixirs and the horrid tasting green tea. Weight loss has never been easier through medical intervention. gastric sleeve in Port Chester is an innovative surgery procedure that initiates weight loss and prevents additional weight gain. This article takes a systemic approach to impart knowledge to make a wise decision concerning gastric sleeve surgery.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is primarily a laparoscopy gastrectomy but without the doctor inserting devices in your tummy. During gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon partitions your stomach into two sections and removes the larger section (80%) of the stomach, leaving behind a slim section called a sleeve.

The gastric sleeve initiates weight loss, and due to the smaller stomach size, you will feel fuller faster, preventing further intake.

The gastric sleeve works best for individuals with morbid obesity. However, the technique cuts across different individuals, and you may be an ideal candidate too.

Suitable candidates for gastric sleeve

Ideal candidates have a BMI index of 40 or more. Also, if you have underlying medical conditions that obesity aggravates, the doctor may recommend gastric sleeve surgery. However, people who are self-conscious about their weight can also request gastric sleeve surgery. That being said, you should not treat gastric sleeves as a quick fix to overweight and obesity. A gastric sleeve requires commitment and altering your lifestyle. Be ready before scheduling that appointment.

How to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery

Like all other bariatric surgeries, there is no special way of preparing. Gastric sleeve has minimal complications, however, do not drink or eat at least 6 hours before the surgery to prevent pulmonary aspiration.

You should expect to change into the hospital gown and leave all jewelry with the nurse. Also, beforehand, the doctor will have checked your vitals and given you the green light.

Surgery time

The process is not scary and virtually painless. However, the surgeon will sedate you either intravenously or administer a local anesthetic. However, hospital techniques vary, and AMI Surgery is the center you can trust for a seamless operation.

Post OP routine

Gastric sleeve surgery requires a post-operation routine that begins immediately after the operation is complete. After surgery, the doctor will administer pain relief medication. Everyone responds differently to surgery, and the clinicians at AMI Surgery tailor a unique plan consisting of dietary options, medication, and permitted activities to partake.

A dietary plan guarantees permanence and how fast you will lose weight. Some tips to make recuperation easier include drinking plenty of water, taking prescribed drugs, engaging in physical activities, and limiting straining your bowel. Importantly, do not engage in strenuous activities to prevent rupturing your sleeve. Don’t be a tough guy; follow the doctor’s advice to the letter.

Risks of gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric surgery has a 99.7% success rate. Despite the statistics, staple leak remains a major cause of concern.  However, a staple line leak is mendable. If you notice belly pain or feel sick, visit a doctor.


Gastric sleeve surgery is a revolutionary alternative to invasive weight loss medical procedures. However, your dietary options and lifestyle decisions largely influence the outcomes of gastric sleeve surgery. Visit AMI Surgery for all bariatric surgery needs.