The Different Types of Injuries You Can Sustain from Car Accidents

Car accidents are common in the United States, with more than 38,000 people dying annually. They may result from distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving, and sometimes rain, making the roads slippery and dangerous for vehicles. Depending on different factors, such as whether you had your seatbelt on or not, auto injuries in Friendswood can be mild or severe. Other elements that determine the severity of damages include the position of the hit, which could be on the side, rear, or front. Injuries from a high-speed crash may be severe than those from a low-speed collision. Here are the different types of injuries you may obtain from a car accident.


A collision can cause the head to suddenly jerk back and forth, stretching the muscles and ligaments. Other body areas like your back can suffer from the same intense force. You can obtain this injury even if the car’s speed is low and you have your seatbelt on.

Cuts, scrapes, and crush injuries

Broken glass may penetrate through your skin, causing a cut. Other loose objects in the car, like eyeglasses and smartphones, can easily cut or bruise your skin. A cut can be deep or shallow depending on the object and the affected body part. A road rush is also a common injury resulting from friction when a specific part of your body gets dragged by the road. Most minor cuts require no medical treatment, but you may need stitches if you have some deep cuts. Collisions can cause deploying of airbags, which may result in serious injuries.


The forceful impact of a car accident can leave you with broken bones in different areas of your body. A fracture can be partial or complete, and it usually produces intense pain. In case of a mild fracture, treatment may include immobilization using a plaster casting. Compound fractures typically require surgical intervention where a surgeon uses metal rods or plates to hold the two bones steady.

Traumatic amputation

A specific part of the body, like your leg, arm, and finger, can be severely damaged to the point of no repair. In such cases, surgical amputation may be necessary. A crash occurs when some areas are tightly pressed between two objects. Factors such as the vehicle’s direction, speed, and magnitude determine the extent of tissue injury. Losing any part of the body can be depressing, and patients usually undergo a grieving period. Treatment may also involve addressing the psychological needs of a patient who unexpectedly lost a limb.

Head injuries

A sudden stop can make a driver or passenger hit their head against glass or any other object. Head injuries can be minor – a shallow cut on the head or severe – tearing of brain tissue. Serious head injuries can cause lasting brain damage, concussions or may lead to death.

Since injures may not show right after an accident, it is best to see your doctor at Forever Well Chiropractic Whole Body Wellness Center immediately after a car accident.