Even though Singapore is considered a smart nation where people can travel easily due to its excellent public transportation system, many still rely on getting a vehicle rental for a company or personal use. After all, a rented vehicle allows them to travel around the city without worrying about the operation hours of public transport and missing the last ride. 

If you are planning to rent a car for the first time anytime soon, you need to know the dos and don’ts to get the best experience for your car rental in Singapore. Here are some of them below.

The Dos 

Inspect The Vehicle Before Leasing

A trusted car rental company will not lease vehicles that are in poor condition, but there is nothing wrong with being meticulous. Before signing the leasing agreement and driving the car away, inspect the interior and exterior for damages. Otherwise, they might charge you for any damages you did not make. 

Pack A Road Safety Kit

A well-conditioned vehicle has fewer chances of breakdown on the road, but that does not mean it cannot happen. To be ready in such situations, you should pack a road safety kit and remember the line for roadside assistance. Most car rental agencies in Singapore offer roadside assistance services to their customers to help them in emergencies.

Use A Credit Card

Most credit cards offer fraud liability protection, so using your credit card for getting a car rental for your company in Singapore is an excellent idea. 

The Don’ts

Book The Last Minute

When you book a car at the last minute, the fees are higher, especially during peak seasons. People rent a car to visit relatives and leisurely travel to historical sites and other recreational places during the holidays.

Overlook Car Rental Insurance

A vehicle rental company might offer you to get car rental insurance to help you in emergencies. However, you should know that most vehicle rentals come with bare minimum insurance. 

Request For Additional Accessories

Any additional accessories like child seats, GPS tracker, Bluetooth, and more come with an extra charge. You will have to pay for it on top of your car rental fees. To avoid that, you should consider bringing car accessories you already own. 

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