The Essence of Plasmolifting Procedure, Its History, and The Effectiveness

The fact that youth is not eternal is known to all, but plastic surgeons and cosmetologists are trying to turn this statement false by offering new solutions to prolonged youth. The Plasmolifting technique is one such new technology that has been developed and applied in the 21st century by two Russian scientists Dr. Renat R. Akhmerov and Roman F. Zarudy. This technique was first used by applying autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) through an injection in maxillofacial surgery. 

During the research, scientists found that when PRP is injected into the affected areas, the process of skin regeneration was stimulated. The skin also became firmer, more hydrated and the number of wrinkles and pigment marks were considerably reduced. 

The method was initially developed for dental purpose, but the aesthetic impact led the scientists to continue the influence of PRP on the human body. This led to the discovery that the Plasmolifting technique can be used in the treatment of various diseases and different areas of medicine. 

This further led to the making of a special PRP tube that is inserted into the vacutainer used for collecting the blood. The PRP tubes are then centrifuged for 5 minutes. The anti-coagulant prevents clot formation. You can find out all the information about PRP tubes on Dr. Akhmerov’s website The site offers all kinds of equipment and consumables, Plasmolifting PRP serum, and online PRP courses. 

The essence of Plasmolifting procedure

The method has high efficiency due to the unique features of blood components. These contain elements, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, hormones, and everything that is needed for cell renewal.  

This revitalizing therapy involves injecting autologous platelet-rich plasma into areas that need to be treated. The entire process revitalizes the skin

  • The introduction of own blood plasma into the skin stimulates the generation of fibroblast cells
  • A higher concentration of collagen is produced
  • Hyaluronic acid is produced
  • The skin repairing process is accelerated from deep inside the dermal layers

Effects after procedure

The procedure usually takes 30 minutes. You will see visible results after 14 days of the procedure when new collagen fibers are stimulated and skin capillaries are formed. The positive effects usually last for 2 years or more often up to 10 to 12 months. Prolonged effective results mainly depend on factors like conditions of after-care procedure, skin, health, and lifestyle.

External effects:

  • The severity and number of wrinkles are reduced
  • Skin looks more hydrated
  • Skin gets firmer, the tone and skin color improve
  • Dark circles are eliminated 
  • Under-eye puffiness is reduced
  • Skin unevenness, irritation, peeling, itching, and dryness is reduced
  • Microcracks are healed
  • Hyperpigmentation is eliminated
  • Acne is treated
  • Early ptosis is prevented

Biological effects:

  • Skin revitalizes
  • The ageing process is inhibited
  • Local immunity of the skin is increased
  • Metabolism of skin cells is activated

Plasmolifting is a completely safe and natural procedure that is suitable for both men and women. It has no side effects as it uses the body’s natural substance, blood plasma. It is a highly innovative and effective way to rejuvenate your skin.