The evolution of sex doll over time

If you think that sex doll is a new concept then you are mistaken. The sex toy industry evolved during the ’90s and grew as a million-dollar industry. The idea of a sex toy is also found in some of the oldest cultures of history. So, if you think yourself to be a sinner than you are not. The sex doll had its acceptance way back. However, in earlier days the dolls were not as realistic as they look today. The cutting edge technology is one reason why such a realistic look and feel is being attained by modern dolls. To find the best doll that would heighten your pleasure visit

Some interesting facts about the sex doll

If you have made up your mind to buy a sex doll than these interesting facts might encourage you further. The history of European Sailor has some instances where they carried leather dolls during their voyage. This is an indication of the fact that the toys for sex are not something new. The history of the sex toy can be traced back to the 17th century when European voyagers used to carry such toys. Sex toys were traded in Japan as well. The Dutch traders used to trade leather dolls which were called the Dutch wives. Even in contemporary times sex doll in Japan is sometimes known as the Dutch wife.

The legalization of sex dolls

The American was the first to legalize sex dolls. It was 1968 when the plastic inflammable sex toy came to the market for the first time in America. These toys were made legal for men’s pleasure. This was the time when the sex toys were sold via post till the time the first shop for sex toy opened in the year 1980. This can be considered to be the evolution of sex toys over the years.

The modern era of sex toys

With the evolution of technology, sex toys have greatly evolved. The researchers have found material that resembles human skin. This is known as the TPE and silicone. Both the material looks and feels like human skin. It has the same bounce and softness that human skin has. Over time this material was used to develop a female doll that could be used by man for pleasure. The advancement of technology allowed the exact replication of human anatomy and this is the way sex doll of the modern time evolved.

The future of sex doll

When there were no visual media, nobody had ever imagined of porn. But porn exists in today’s time. The high definition porn pleasures both men and women. In the same way, the evolution of sex doll is quite visible. In the coming times, there will be a sex doll which cannot be differentiated from humans. They would talk like a human, reach like a human and have sex with a partner like a human. This is a stage yet to be reached but in today’s time dolls with artificial intelligence have already emerged.