The Industrial Clutches And Their Importance

A clutch is a mechanical equipment that reinforces power transmission between two rotating shafts. One shaft is connected to a power unit while the other one gives power output which is needed to run the operation. The motions involved are perhaps linear or rotary.

Different types of industrial clutches

Utilizing the efficiency and security of any industrial equipment largely depends on great quality clutches. In the contemporary world, manufacturers of this equipment strive to provide a wide range of parts to choose from, which are specifically designed to suit their needs. Some manufacturers tend to produce low-quality clutches which may only serve you for a few months before they can break. It would, therefore, be a brilliant idea to be careful in your selection process. You can do some research on the most reputed manufacturer to get quality and durable clutches that suit your needs.

Discussed herein are some of the top industrial clutches that you may consider.

Air-cooled clutches

These types of clutches are designed with disc assemblies that offer low inertia friction. They perform incredibly in various industries. They are more flexible and can, therefore, be used in multiple applications. Compared to other clutches, these ones have few parts which comprise a reservoir, a control valve and a cylinder with a piston. They are typically regulated by air pressure.


  • They offer a more precise feel
  • They are cheap and require less maintenance and thus a better choice if your budget is a bit restrained.
  • They have a mechanical advantage


  • They are difficult to repair.

Centrifugal clutches

They are mostly found in compressors, conveyors, sawmills among other areas. The clutch uses a rotating force to navigate a shaft, belt, and even a chain. The forces applied allows the clutch shoes to propel outwards against the housing. When it ceases working, the springs tend to contract in order to protect against torque transfer.


  • They are relatively cheap compared to other types of clutches
  • The cost of maintenance is low
  • They do not need any control means as they work automatically


  • It is only suitable for engines with great speed

Cone clutches

These categories are designed with two surfaces which are conical to be able to disseminate torque forces. Interestingly, the engine shaft comprises both a male and female cone.


  • They are simple to use as compared to other types of clutches.
  • The normal force is always greater than the axial force


  • A tiny wear or tear hinders the movements of the cones

Significance of industrial clutches

These clutches have diverse applications which include transportation, aerospace, pumping motor drives, off the road uses, and heavy equipment.

  • In food processing factories, the need to wash down elements with stainless steel has led to the increasing demand for clutches.
  • In Mobile -power, clutches are used in accelerating power transmission by simply commencing and stopping torque forces.
  • The clutches are also widely applied in energy generation plants to ensure that turbines rotate without any difficulties.
  • Oil and gas clutches are well designed to enable AC conversion for horsepower to work.

Well, many industries manufacture different types of clutches to ensure that customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. Most of them are quite affordable and each has its distinct features and benefits. Experts recommend getting sufficient about the industrial clutch that you need to buy before deciding on your selection. This is meant to ensure that you purchase quality clutches that suit your industrial needs at the workstation.