The perfect hue: 3 tips for choosing the right nail polish for you

Some people have a hard time choosing the right nail polish. This is understandable, as there are so many considerations when choosing nail polish! Things like skin tone, nail shape and style all come into consideration, and they all accumulate to confuse the process.

But with the right advice, you can definitely find the right colour and style for you, without having to stress too much about the latest trends. So, if you’re looking for top class nail polish, amazing gel nail polish remover and the right accessories to give you the perfect nails, here is how to find the perfect polish for you!

#1 Your skin tone

Everyone knows you have to match your nail polish with your skin tone. You may come across a shade or colour that looks good on someone you know but doesn’t work for you. This might be because you and this person have a different complexion, and this nail polish worked better for their skin. Colours may look mismatched or washed out depending on your complexion.

Therefore, skin tone is probably the main consideration when choosing your new nail polish.

The below are tips for different skin complexions:

Fair skin: Fair skinned people should try working through different light-shade nail polishes, avoiding dark colours that aren’t red.

The following work well for lighter skin:

  • Reds
  • Purples
  • Pastels
  • Peach
  • Orange

Olive or medium skin tone: This complexion works for most nail polishes, except for gold and rust hues – they fail to compliment this skin tone.

The following work well for olive/medium skin:

  • Red (orange-red)
  • Nudes
  • Blue (sky blue)
  • Purple
  • Pink

Dark skin tone: Darker nail polish tones look great on darker complexions. Dark colours look vibrant and really pop on this skin complexion. Therefore, it’s best to avoid pale or light colours as they often look washed out with this skin tone.

The following work well for darker skin:

  • Neon & bright hues (pink/fuchsia)
  • Purples
  • Deep reds
  • Intense cobalt hues
  • Beige and cream with a sheer

#2 Your makeup

Your makeup’s colour and nail polish can make all the difference. You want your makeup/nail polish colour to receive good publicity, right? So try not to match your nail polish and makeup in a way that looks tired and dated. The main thing is to avoid making your makeup look tacky, as this is the last thing anyone wants!

Matching is okay if it is done correctly, and can actually pull together an awesome overall style. Therefore, if you’re wearing dark makeup, be sure to match your nails with even darker nail polish. You can even wear a similar shade of nail polish and lipstick – it’s all just about matching it with style

#3 The season

You might want to pick your nail polish hue depending on the season. It’s always good to choose nail polish that compliments the season, but this isn’t always necessary, as you might want to bring a little life into the winter with some brighter hues – it’s up to you!

If not, try darker shades for the winter months, pastels for the vibrant spring months, bright colour choices for summer and neutrals and nudes for the autumn months.

Remember to have fun!

Remember, choosing a nail polish colour to suit your complexion, style and the season doesn’t have to be a chore – it’s all part of the fun and joy of finding a colour that is perfect for you! Try a few different fashion styles, enjoy yourself and eventually you will have a great new style to suit you for many applications.