The Right Horoscope Predictions That You Need Now


To the ignorance of science in general, is added a perception of it as a threat by the population. The scientific discoveries of the twentieth century and their consequences (atomic bombs, Chernobyl or Fukushima disasters, genetic manipulation, etc.) have contributed to the idea that the researcher is a sorcerer’s apprentice of a new kind. When it comes to the 2020 Horoscope Predictions then you should know the best deals of the whole process now.

In this case, why trust scientists? Some time ago, politician Andr√© Santini declared: “The astrologers that we consult are no more incompetent than the so-called experts of the economic world who do not see the crisis in which we are, and who despite this, continue to advise us.” Under these conditions, arguing scientifically against astrology has only a very limited interest.

Reassuring The Individual

It must be said that if astrology continues to exist, and is taking off, it is because it responds to a need for which neither science nor religion provides a satisfactory answer.

The future is by definition uncertain

If, to a certain extent, science makes it possible to know the future, it provides only a global answer. Thus, astronomers can announce the end of the Earth and the Sun in about five billion years, when our star has exhausted its energy. As for the religions, they bring answers making it possible to make bearable the dysfunctions of the society, but not necessarily to correct them.

Now, what interests the individual is to know his near and personal future, not that of humanity. When faced with a difficult choice (buying real estate, creating your own business, making a political decision that commits the future of the country), it is very tempting to turn to astrology, which provides a reassuring and individualistic response. The astrologer plays the proximity, and speaks exclusively of the staff, what will happen to you, and not to your neighbor. The illusion of this “exclusivity” is increased by the astrological request of the birth coordinates of each one. The horoscope works because it cleverly uses human weaknesses, starting with egocentrism, a phenomenon in full development in our societies more and more


Moreover, astrology on earth responds that an immanent order exists in the sky, an organization that any individual is able to understand, because the astrological symbolism is surprisingly simplistic (the Lion is the force Venus is love, whereas Mars, by its red color, can only be evil), while the sciences are perceived as hermetic by the whole population.

The Failibility Of The Brain

Most often, astrological predictions are false. It is surprising that astrology, the purpose of which is to predict the destiny of every human being, is not capable of predicting the major events that affect several thousand people simultaneously! Thus, very few astrologers have predicted the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the Asian tsunami in 2005, or more recently the attacks in Paris in 2015. Two hundred years ago, Voltaire was already surprised that the victims of the Lisbon earthquake are all of different astrological sign and their horoscope did not predict what was a major event of their lives.