The Secrets To An Established Boutique Grocery Shopping In Seattle Similar To Big Johns PFI

The two most important factors which are attracting customers for boutique grocery shopping are the drive for daily needs and the bliss of a unique experience. The experience of touch, selection of product, and community spirit are the key factors to a familiar and warm feeling. Small boutiques are thus stamped by a limited variety of products but they often consist of deep assortments of a single product for example in Big Johns PFI. But such a feature is unlikely to be found in large retailers.

The passion of the Maker 

If discussed on passion, the company owners and employees can have a passion for the company or its products. But a boutique is often the store build-out of the product passion of the founder. The entrepreneur should hold sufficient knowledge on the niche of boutique grocery before venturing.

Category of Boutique

A boutique store can be created under several categories of a product like fashion, apparel retailers, and grocery. But the fashion format is a favorite among all. A boutique has been known to perform very well in fashion and apparel as the high profile buyers often find one-of-a-kind or personally customized fashion accessories. At IRDC various stores revealed concepts to elevate the boutique grocery business:

Neighborhood Market

A Californian grocery boutique has accredited its achievements to the intelligence behind the right locations. The various locations like Venice Beach, LA, and Calabasas have been chosen to keep the wellness-driven neighborhoods in check.

  • All the boutique grocery stores belonging to them include a full-service juice bar.
  • Except that naturopathic doctor are appointed to assist in the nutrition department.
  • An open kitchen to serve customized menus based on the location. The menus are designed by well-known chefs from LA.

The Game of Fresh products

A store in South Korea of Shinsegae Group’s concept called PK Market in Hanam is working as an inspiration to customers by turning Korean markets’ long-time dependence on vacuum-packed food. Instead of that, the store has gathered influence from western farmers’ markets. Farm fresh products are displayed in a relevant visual setting. 

The Combination of Art

The masterstroke from a Spanish specialty grocery store known as Solera has inspired a lot of grocery boutiques. The store has dispensed classic designs of a grocery store and embraced Italian art-inspired interior designs. The popping colors and geometric patterns of Memphis Group is a wonder to watch. The furniture comes in vibrant colors and gorgeous graphical shapes. The branding is done against stellar black ceilings and walls. The whole setup is divided into the shop in a shop model. The store also holds spaces for events and a kitchen as a demo.

The openness at Big Johns

Just by stepping the foot in Big Johns PFI, the marvel of a conversing atmosphere comes in experience. The place is bound to give an overwhelming experience of fresh groceries in Seattle.  The oil and vinegar section offers samples to choose the olive oil and vinegar that will go just right with your meals. Often customers have found flavors that they have never found before. The olive jars are attractive to most customers from the bulk olive section.


The secret to building a successful boutique grocery business in Seattle is not a secret anymore. The concept has been implemented in various forms not only Seattle but other countries like South Korea as well. If the knowledge is applied with the location in mind a flourishing boutique is right around the corner.