The Top 8 Jobs for Microsoft Azure Certified Professionals

Today, the platform of Microsoft cloud offers an incredible number of applications and services, giving users access to the latest technology and computing power they need to transform their businesses. Up to now, Azure has data centers in 150 countries and serves more locations worldwide than any other cloud company. However, Microsoft cloud services dominate the information market, and Azure Certifications are in high demand in an ever-changing technological world. No matter what IT area a person is supposed to be in, Azure training enhances the professional and career development. Not only do Azure certifications increase job opportunities, but they also increase high-paying job opportunities and advancement. Though, with Azure training, it offers endless opportunities for a better future. As we discuss certifications, let’s review the key jobs for MS Azure Certified Professional:

Azure Cloud Architect

The term architect is sufficiently enough to point out that the job involves interaction with engineers and computing machines in working with technical executives and stakeholders. However, the cloud architect must work on technical architecture and direct deployment to ensure the diversity of new technologies, though, one can become a cloud architect with cloud computing experience and Azure certified respectively.

Cloud Administrator

An administrator is a person who installs, manages, and maintains systems in Microsoft Azure. If you choose to program in the cloud, choose Azure administrator training which today helps to manage, install and qualify for the mediator role. However, Azure certificates add value to the individual’s profile and offer a well-paid job too. Moreover, Azure servers need to learn content such as S.Q.L-databases, backup and disaster recovery, and the high technology available to keep their Azure platform in top shape. Though they must monitor the performance of Azure applications and services, perform audits and proactive efforts to maximize practicality.

Cloud Developer  

Cloud Developers acquire business software, if you have solid software development experience and general knowledge of Azure, you are eligible for several jobs in this field. However, if Microsoft is certified as an Azure Developer, you can further advance your career in cloud design. Concerning an Azure developer, one is supposed to responsible for the design, creation, and maintenance of application technical infrastructure solutions. One, however, just need to keep up to date with the latest technology and methodology developments and how to turn them into practical and reliable solutions to the business concern.

Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

If you think IT experts have nothing to do with sales and purchases, you might want to take a look, as a Cloud Sales and Purchasing Manager,one will become part of an organization focused on integrating with MS Azure. However, Azure Cloud is expanding its career as a certifiedspecialist. Though onehas the opportunity to make an important contribution to the development of creative technology in the organization, thus, certification allows working with IT engineers and developers.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

The great role and responsibility of a DevOps engineer specialist is someone who will improve their skills, and their specialty is the operation and use of the system. DevOps engineers are supposed to work with system administrators, technology teams and developers, likewise, they also play different roles in controlling the release code.If you have a significant amount of skills and a thorough knowledge of Azure certification, you can become a DevOps engineer. Nowadays companies are looking for DevOps engineers mainly because they want to develop a DevOps culture within those organizations. However, confirming your Azure DevOps certification will double your chances of a job in the industry. Thus, DevOps engineers work with system administrators, and developers and they must have excellent general skills, such as project establishment and connection in order to promote the DevOps culture in the system. 

Azure Big Data Specialist

An expert who can design and then implement Big Data services to get value, this position requires extensive experience in data analysis along with Azure administrator certification. However, companies choose employees who have technical knowledge of Azure Big-Data architecture and service as well. Though Azure Big-Data Services certification can help you become the first employee of your choice for this job. However, organizations are increasingly turning to data analytics technology like Big-Data and Vision to give them a clearer picture of their business and make more enlightened decisions. In order to achieve this goal, researchers are assisting Azure’s data teaching methods in Azure Machines by designing, evaluating, and applying data that show evolution, and insight.

Azure Networking Specialist

If you have a question of why your network was not on this list yet, so you don’t need to worry anymore, Azure has developed online training for professionals who want to work online respectively. Though, this is considering a specialized test and employers are looking for many with online report certification. However, one can also design and deploy Azure and advanced hybrid projects. On the other hand, Azure network engineers must be able to create and distribute data storage and management infrastructure so that it can be integrated into data analysis platforms and provide the company with important product information respectively.

Key Account Manager, Cloud

Azure certifications appear to be this different buffet with just about anything. Though, the Key Account Manager’s role is supposed to manage cloud storage accounts, servers, and account sales as well. However, the CEO must also monitor the company’s accounting and assist in purchasing decisions, and the most crucial task of managers is to enable adoption, revenue generation, and market access by remembering to take care of important business customers. Thus, it is advised to get a certificate today and find the employer you choose for the job.

Microsoft services have penetrated the market and are therefore in high demand for employers. Passing the Azure administrator certification test after the training will allow you to get the job listed above. However, the acquisition of Azure skills is an important part of your career development. Not only do Azure certificates earn you more, but they also have the ability to enter an established field and earn a good title.