The Truth Behind These 7 Myths About Online Casinos

You should admit that the word ‘casino’ gives negative connotations when you first hear it. It’s understandable since online casinos are not usually conversed about among your friends hence, you seldom get information about it. As you know, people like to gossip and make stories about the things they don’t know. So, you should make the first step to know more about online casinos and why it’s okay to play it. After all, it can ruin your mood and your will to play if someone judges playing online casinos. 

To people who want to play online casinos but are afraid that other people will judge them, it’s normal to hesitate because online casinos are indeed popular yet playing it is still incomprehensible. However, if you want to play online casinos, then learn about the myths attributed to online or land casinos to know what’s the truth behind all those misconceptions. 

You should continue reading this article to see common myths if you are hesitating to play online casinos. 

Debunking Online Casino Myths 

Myth #1 You Play Rigged Casino Games 

While losing is part of playing online casinos, it is not because the games are manipulated. It’s just that it’s your ‘bad’ day. Casino games are fair and safe when you play in a licensed casino. Online casinos are using Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure what happens in live casinos are statistically reflected in online casinos. RNGs are algorithms that produce random numbers that cannot be predicted by random chance. 

Truth is: You lose a game because you have a poor strategy or it’s not your lucky day. Even professional players have days that the odds are against them and it’s not about casinos taking advantage of you. 

Myth #2 Online Casino Sites Are Scam

People worry about joining online casinos because they believe money will be stolen from their online account. This belief is simply because of misconceptions about online casinos. Aside from using RNGs, online casinos regularly check that all the games are truly random. With that, you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

Truth is: Reliable online casinos use advanced security technology and encryption that protect your data and your money. It’s safe to look for reliable online casinos because they are probably among the most secure websites online. Remember, do not register at an illegal casino.

Myth # 3 You Rely On Luck To Win

Although wishing for the stars is fun to believe, winning or losing comes down to mathematical strategy. Make sure to look for a casino that provides a statistical advantage so you can have a fair chance of winning. As a player, you should put yourself in a game that has a lower house edge or play games where you’re skilful. 

Truth is: Every game has calculable possibilities. Knowing how deals can affect chances, or improving your odds to win is part of playing online casino games. Get it right because you might be able to control your ‘luck’. 

Myth # 4 You Can Become Addicted

Some people get addicted to online casinos but the idea of everyone who plays online casinos will automatically be an addict is simply a myth. It is a fact that some people gamble within their budget and have no problem controlling their urge to play. There is no evidence suggesting that online casinos will make you automatically addicted.

Truth is: Online casinos take addiction as a serious problem. They give customers a limit on how much money they can deposit daily. They also have the authority to close the accounts of players who have gambling problems.

Myth #5 Underage Kids Are Playing Online Casinos

While it is possible for underage kids to wander in online casinos, most online casinos have a strict age verification process to confirm everyone who plays online is of legal age. If your age can’t be verified, then you won’t be able to play. Kids won’t have it easy to enter an online casino even if they provide fake IDs.

Truth is:  Reliable gambling sites are licensed and regulated. They have strict protocols to prevent under-age gambling. Don’t worry your child won’t be able to play online casinos that easily and we would suggest it’s now a problem at all.

Myth# 6 People Will Not Go To Land Casinos Anymore

When online casinos are becoming popular, the land casino industry is scared they might lose their livelihood. That’s a normal reaction, but many people believe that the opposite is true in some cases. Live poker even became more popular after online casinos boomed. 

Truth Is: Not everyone has the same personality. Some prefer to play in traditional land casinos because they want to meet other people and the competition excites them. Some prefer online because they want to play in the comfort of their homes. After all, the casino has to make its players stay by providing innovative ideas. Believing that land casinos are suffering is a myth.

Myth # 7 Game Slots Are Programmed 

It is a myth that game slots are programmed to have a “cold streak” or “hot streak” because slot machines are programmed to spin randomly. Slot machines can indeed have a “hot streak” where it can payout consistently. It’s because the players have a strategy to win more prizes. 

Truth Is: Each spin is entirely random because the slot machine needs to avoid a combination key for a “due” winning streak. To add, you can increase your winning chances by using rewards and bonuses available online.

It’s Okay To Play Online Casinos

You don’t need to mind the haters if you want to play online casinos. See with these myths mentioned above, it is misunderstood by most people. Give yourself a tap in the back because you find a way to know the truth about online casinos. With that, go to Kyat88, an online casino in Myanmar that is reliable and safe. Visit and enjoy playing!