These Are The Tips To Take Care Of Your Hemorrhoid (Piles) Without Side Effects


It is a very common ailment in adults, but many of those affected do not go to the doctor because of shame. Constipation, genetic inheritance, over-abdominal effort caused by pregnancy, poor eating habits and advanced age are causes of hemorrhoids or piles. It is the dilation and inflammation of the venous structures located in the anal canal. They are common among people who are between 25 and 60 years old. Keep consuming ayurvedic medicine for piles brings you relief in long term, but takes time to show result. But, the results are imminent and quite impressive than allopathic medicines. 

Four stages of hemorrhoid

There are four stages of hemorrhoid. One and two stage are not so serious. Patients must be careful as not to develop the stage in future. Third stage is painful. The hemorrhoid can be inserted again once it is out during bowl movement. And fourth stage is painful and may occur blood in the stool. It cannot be inserted again as it stays outside (in some cases it can be). 

In the early stages, hemorrhoids cause more or less minor discomfort such as itching, skin inflammation, burning, pain or small bleeding associated with bowel movements. In the most severe cases, the fleshy masses go outside and remain outside the sphincter most of the day. Proper fiber diet (no spicy), timely medicine, consume enough liquid and maintain lifestyle may reduce the inflammation and growth of the venous structure.

Is there any natural way?

Yes, there are many.

For the prevention of hemorrhoids, it is essential to avoid constipation through regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and abundant fluid intake. Consult the doctor as soon as the first discomfort is felt. Seek an exact diagnosis that determines the appropriate treatment. Only in advanced stages and with severe symptoms is surgery necessary. And if you want to get rid of the painful surgery and long term medicines with side effects, you may opt to ayurvedic medicine for piles. Ayurveda has solution for everything. People all over the world is now accepting ayurvedic medicine to treat piles. 

Avoid overexertion. Adopt healthy habits in the bathroom, such as avoiding suppressing the urge to defecate or staying too long in the toilet. Consume fiber, a great ally to avoid constipation and hardening of stool. It is achieved by adding whole products, fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. Fight sedentary lifestyle. Get regular physical exercise, such as walking, running, or swimming. Pad the seat and rest walking. If work requires long periods of sitting, use a small cushion or pillow on the chair to relieve pressure on the area. 

There are other preventive measures

Take care of anal hygiene. The scratching of hemorrhoids should be avoided. And after going to the bathroom, the area should be cleaned with warm water and a neutral soap. Excessive washing can make the natural fatty layer of the anal skin disappear, so it may be advisable to use an anti-hemorrhoid ointment or petrolatum to avoid irritations. Use anti-inflammatory creams and suppositories.

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