Things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon

Triple H has been in the WWE since the 90s and ever since, he has put out a great career reputation for himself. He made friends with Shawn Michaels forming their group called The DX Generation.

However, it’s now more than two decades and Triple H is now the COO of the WWE. This simply means that he is ready and set to take over the WWE in the near future. But once he is one the realm, obviously there are certain things that he would like to change when he is in the position of power.

Control over the commentators

According to a sport betting article by usa casino sites, it’s known that Michael Cole and other commentators are closely connected to McMahon. Their boss gives orders when it comes to making certain statements, plugging stuff all this in real time. This has been a frustrating tactic that has led to the decline of quality when it comes to commentary. Moreover, it’s no secret that Triple H will take a nod at that and solve the issue.

Treatment of outside talent / control over wrestlers

There is no secret that we have all witnessed many outside talents who went on and grab the brass ring and they became legit main event superstars in the WWE. The likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens have captured the limelight in the WWE.

But the treatment of outside talent has not been really good, there are some wrestlers that did not get the best opportunity like others. The likes of Luke Harper went on and garnered a lot of negative publicity and the company did nothing about it as reported by best payout casinos uk.

Therefore, since Triple H is buoyed to take over this massive organisation, he has a lot up on his sleeve. And some of the things really need to change when the time comes.