Things You Need To Know About Sepak Takraw

As the name says, it is a sport which is native to Southeast Asia. With its acrobatic kicks, just like the bicycle kick in football, it has every element that can entertain sports lovers.

Why is it called sepak takraw?

The game takes its name from the places where the sport is most famous. Sepak is the Malay word that means kick, and takraw is the Thai word that means woven ball. The ball’s shape is spherical and it is made up of synthetic fiber.

How big is the court and where the game can be played?

The court’s size is the same as a badminton court( 13.4m long, 6.1 m wide), and also the net should not be taller than 1.52m. You can play the game indoors or on the beach, just like volleyball. Additionally, if you want to know about sepak tacro good retailer, click here.

What are the rules of the game?

A team has three players- the server who has to stand on a circle towards the end of the court, and the bowler as well as the striker who stand on the opposite ends of the net.

The players are only permitted to touch the ball with their feet, knee, chest, and head. The use of arms or hands is not allowed. A team is permitted a maximum of three touches before giving it over the net. All the three touches can be completed by one player as well. If a team exceeds three touches, then they will lose a point.

A team can lose a point if the top quality ball comes out of the area of play, falls back on the same side of the court and hits the net, use of arms/hands if the player leaves its respective circle before the ball goes over the net when the server lifts his foot away from the circle while serving.

Serve alteration occurs after every three points, regardless of who gets the point.

Lastly, the game is governed by ISTAF. The top-level competitions include the ISTAF Super Series, ISTAF World Cup. It also takes place in the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games. It has not yet declared as an Olympic event.