Three Common Face Mask Problems and How to Fix Them

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” said Jiddu Krishnamurti, a philosopher, speaker and writer. Jiddu Krishnamurti wrote many books, among them The First and Last Freedom, The Only Revolution, and Krishnamurti’s Notebook. Many of his talks and discussions have been published.

In earlier times only medical workers and staff were using masks but with the harsh impact of COVID-19, it is required of everyone to wear a mask to reduce the transmission of the virus. But it makes it unbearable to wear a mask on hotter days. UVMask is one of the biggest innovations that use UV-C light, which can kill off bacteria and viruses with ease. UV Mask, a face mask that has a built-in UV-C filter. It is one of the safest masks right now.

Here are three common face mask problems and how to fix them:

Bad face-mask breath:

There will be many times when you wear a mask regularly, you will notice that sometimes you face a problem of bad breath. Well, to make it clear this is not the problem with your mask but it is because you do have not to clean your mouth properly.

If you notice some type of bad smell while breathing in your mask, this usually happens due to bacteria’s in your mouth. When you eat something but do not clean your mouth properly then the processing of leftover food can form an unpleasant-smelling sulphur compound.

Well, to remove bacterial from your mouth you can scrap your tongue cleanly with a spatula. Even if your mouth is dry for a long time that can also cause a bad smell to avoid that you can drink water.

If still, you are facing a bad smell problem then the best option is to visit your dentist and explain your problem to them.

Sweaty masks on hot days:

During hot days, the more warmer your mask becomes the greater temptation of removing your mask to get clean air increases. To avoid these many people wear a loose mask that is a wrong practice to follow as per the specialists.

When you wear a mask on hotter days and you are full of sweat then the moisture from your sweat will form an environment for the pathogens to collect that will make your mask reduce its permeability which will make it hard for you to breathe.

Well, to avoid this problem you should carry more than one mask on hotter days and also carry a bottle of water to make you cool on dry days.

Irritated skin:

When you wear a mask regularly for a longer period of time then you will notice that your face has become red and you will feel irritation over your face. Also, you will notice that some spots started occurring on your face. So, many of the doctors suggest that you should always wear a clean mask, if you have a cloth mask then you can wash them regularly or if you use a surgical mask then they are used and throw mask and are very cheap in cost.