Three Dimensions of Skin Rejuvenation

When it comes to skincare, things can quickly become overwhelming. From scientific terms to treatments and products, the skincare world is vast and requires knowledge to understand. One phrase you’ve likely heard often is that of skin rejuvenation. What is it? Why is it important? We’ll dive into the three concepts of skin rejuvenation, but before we get there, we have a few things to note. Skin rejuvenation can occur through a variety of treatments, practices, and products. There is no one singular method to result in rejuvenation of the skin, but many which can be combined for optimal results. Simply put, the point of skin rejuvenation is to make your skin look better and younger, and does so by three dimensional concepts; (1) empowering the skin barrier, (2) enhancing radiance, and (3) encoding the glow of the face and eyes.

  • Empower the Skin Barrier

The skin barrier is the outer layer of the skin and is in control of keeping the right oils in and things like pollution and dirt out. Skin rejuvenation helps to strengthen the skin barrier so that it can better do its job. By empowering the skin barrier, the delicate skin on your face will avoid negative results, like fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, your skin will be better able to absorb and reap the benefits of other products and treatments. Empowering the skin barrier is the first step to beautiful rejuvenated skin.

  • Enhancing the Radiance

Once skin rejuvenation has empowered the skin barrier, we have the perfect foundation for enhancing radiance. Through the rejuvenation process your skin will become more vibrant, full, and even in tone. In the skincare world, this is referred to as radiance, and it’s every bit as glorious as it sounds. Your skin will appear to be glowing and youthful thanks to radiance caused by skin rejuvenation, which is definitely a win.

  • Encode the Glow

The focused element of skin rejuvenation is encoding the glow of the face and eyes. Thanks to copper peptides, plant derived stem cells, and cell to cell rejuvenation, we can get that glow and keep it. Each of these matters are used in skin rejuvenation and provide long term affects which build upon one another as you receive continued treatments or long-term product use. With such ingredients and its scientifically proven results to give the face and eyes a beautiful glow, you’re sure to have the same results.

Whether you prefer experimenting with products or trying a new treatment there is an option for everyone to get there. Skin rejuvenation is one of those things that once you do it, you’ll wish you’d done so sooner. So, what are you waiting for?