Three Reasons to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you were in an accident that made you suffer injuries, you may be eligible for compensation. You just need to file a claim and provide the necessary documentation that supports your claim. However, insurance companies often don’t take claims seriously. They will focus on giving you the least amount of compensation or even refuse to pay altogether. To increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve, make sure you have legal representation. It makes a lot of sense to work with an abogado de lesiones personales de la ciudad de jersey if the following are true to your situation:

Your Accident Resulted from Someone Else’s Negligence

When you file a personal injury claim you must prove the other party was negligent and this negligence caused your accident and injury. Negligence refers to one’s failure to behave with the level of care an ordinary person would have exercised under the same circumstances. To establish negligence, you need to show that the at-fault party owed you a legal duty of care. For instance, in car accidents, all drivers have a legal duty of care to others on the road to obey traffic laws and drive their car safely. Also, it is important to prove the at-fault party did not comply with this duty of care and such non-compliance caused your injuries. 

To get compensation for your injuries, you need to follow the appropriate process and present the necessary evidence. The process can be complicated and a personal injury attorney can help you navigate it, to increase your chances of getting the full amount of compensation you need and deserve.

Your Injuries Are Quite Serious

If the injuries you sustained are serious enough to require medical treatment, you have the right to pursue compensation to cover your expenses including prescriptions, surgery, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, or follow-up care. Also, your injuries are serious enough to force you to take some time off of work or changed your quality of life. You should contact an attorney to get compensation to cover your damages and losses.

You are Forced by the Insurance Adjuster to Accept a Lowball Offer

You should not accept any settlement offer from the insurance company. Otherwise, you won’t be able to request more money should your condition worsen in the future. Your lawyer will determine the value of your case by considering factors such as the severity of your injury, the treatments you need, permanent disability, or pain and suffering.