Timeline templates for PowerPoint

Timeline is another very essential PowerPoint slides that are highly used by project managers as well as executives. With the help of this template, it becomes possible to track the achievement and completion dates. Timeline ppt is generally created at the planning stage of a project and when the project starts and goes by the timelines, milestone as well as roadmaps will start changing. Timeline templates can also be used for showing the current state, future milestone, and dates, changelog. Various timeline templates for PowerPoint are as follows:

  • Curved timeline graphic PowerPoint template: This type of timeline templates includes five slides in which there is a 3 to 6 horizontal segment timeline. In this timeline slides, gradient designs are having two color slides. This template shows waves representing the stages of a particular process. With this timeline slide, you can easily demonstrate some essential operations of the company such as product development plan, customer’s experience of his or her journey, annual progress report, etc.
  • Highlighted Event Timeline PowerPoint template: In this kind of timeline slides frame divider is used and it generally focused on a certain milestone at a particular time. Generally, this timeline template shows a curved chart of 5-year segments. With the help of this template, you can show the overview of the process as well as the actions that you had taken earlier or will take after the event. 
  • Rhombus milestone timeline PowerPoint template: This is a kind of linear process flow diagram in which the triangular shapes is used for highlighting the milestone whereas the rhombus is used for presenting all the process that remains in between each of the milestone. This template is very useful for communication for example for showing project objectives to the stakeholders.   
  • 30-60-90 Day planning PowerPoint template: This PowerPoint timeline slide is a curved flow diagram process which is highly suitable for showing event management presentation to illustrate the schedules of the project. In this kind of template, 4 slides have 3 individual segments. In each of these segments, there are placeholders for entering the keynotes or any other essential information.