Tips to consider for a perfect school website design

What’s common about visiting a bad school website- well, people usually don’t come back. The point here is, you can easily spot the bad stuff, but how can you make a perfect school website? Well, a good website begins with a school website design planning checklist mentioned below. Usability, clarity of content, precision, freshness, functionality, graphic designing and information makes a website perfect. Here are some tips given by FSE about what constitutes good website design:

Informative homepage

By informative, we mean to get visitors to the next search easily and quickly without much scrolling. Also, a good home page should be attractive and appealing. It should have a good template. If your visitors linger for very long on the homepage, they may end up confused. By creating an informative homepage, you will get your visitors on a good foot.

Keep your homepage design simple:  A common mistake which several schools do is to cram too much information on the homepage. Make sure your homepage is simple to read and only has relevant info.

Quick links: Quick links end the clutter and save the time of the visitors by helping them reach where they want to easily.

Events page: The calendar of your school is its workhorse; hence it should always be updated and prominent. Make sure your visitors don’t see stale news.

Pictures: Images in the form of slider is a good way for the parents to stay updated about a school. But don’t let the pictures dominate your homepage.

Responsive design

It is important to make your website mobile friendly. A good responsive design ensures that every page of the site is readable on almost all types of devices. A good school website can automatically resize and reformate pages according to the device it is being accessed on.

Simple navigation

An organized navigation is a key to usability of school’s website. Hence, it is suggested to go for 7-link rule while organizing the website. Put navigation and sub-navigation using the 7 links. People make favorable decisions when they have 7 or less number of links.

Extra attention to popular pages

You need to streamline the popular pages. You can find the popular ones via an analytics review with the help of Google Analytics. 

Calendar: The school calendar should be easily accessible and updated with current info.

Contact directory: Contacting anyone at the school should be made easy. A contact directory should be readily available on the school website. Make sure it is updated too. 

School pages: Getting to their individual school page should be made simple for the parents and students with easy navigation.

Teacher pages: Parents and students shouldn’t have a tough time in finding the teacher pages. A tab to teacher pages should be present.

Irrespective of what criteria you choose to select a perfect school website design, it is essential for it to be well organized with an appealing homepage, easy to access information and user-friendly navigation. Visit FSE to know about it in detail.