Tips to rent a car in cancun

Is it convenient to rent a car in Cancun?

Of course it all depends on our plans. If we just travel with the plan to enjoy our days at the hotel, and do a couple of excursions (such as to Isla Mujeres), or escape to Chichen Itza, then we could only rent our car for a day without any inconvenience if we want to explore a little for free and not on excursions (because Isla Mujeres is not necessary, as you go by ferry from Cancun, almost without leaving the city). But the reality is that from Cancun, there is a lot to explore in the Riviera Maya. The truth is that enjoying the hotel is very good, but if we have a lot of time in the Riviera (at least a week or ten days), it is advisable to rent a car and go out and explore everywhere. If we are still not convinced to rent a car in Cancun to go out and explore, you can delve into whether or not it is recommended, with tips for exploring the area on wheels.

Where is it advisable to rent my car in Cancun?

The most popular pick-up point for our rental car is Cancun International Airport. As soon as we arrive, we will be enjoying the comfort of moving freely, and we will be in a few minutes at our hotel. But you can also rent a car to be picked up at agencies in the city itself (there are many points in the hotel zone of Cancun), as well as at the hotel itself.

What is the cheapest way to rent a car in Cancun?

To rent a car cheaper, you can first read the tips that will allow us to save before confirming our reservation. In short, the sooner you book, the greater the savings. It is also convenient to use car rental price comparators.

If you prefer to make individual consultations, you can consult this car rental cancun company to rent a car with different rental prices.

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How easy is it to get from Cancun by car and explore the Riviera Maya?

It’s very easy, so much so that I would say that we won’t even need a too large map. The road that we will use the most in the one that goes from Cancun to Tulum, a very safe road for being two lanes by hand, where we will cross most of the theme parks, palyas and cities of the Riviera Maya. (You can also see how to choose a hotel in the Riviera Maya). To visit some cenotes, towns like Valladolid, archeological ruins like Coba, we will have to make some detours by double hand roads, but they are not complicated, well signposted, and do not present much traffic.

Is it safe to use a car from Cancun and tour the Riviera Maya?

The roads (especially the road that connects the main cities of the Riviera Maya) are in good condition (precautions are to respect the signs, and only drive with caution). On the other hand, there are other roads that go inland to communicate cenotes, or archeological ruins, that are not so well demarcated. In any case, the level of maintenance of the roads is acceptable. The whole area of Cancun is a tourist area of Mexico and was developed thanks to it. This is what I meant earlier about road safety. As far as driving is concerned, special care must be taken with the sudden movements usually made by vans or passenger taxis, which sometimes make stops on the way simply at the place where the passenger makes the signal (without specific stops).