Tools for Making a knife: Beginner’s Guide

Need a new knife? Instead of buying a new knife from the store, you can make yours. Besides getting the exact shape you want, the process of knife making is fun and exciting.

However, before you can make a knife, there are certain tools you need to possess. Using these tools will not only make knife making possible but easier too. Fortunately, below is a list of the best knife-making tools.

Belt Grinder

A belt grinder is a tool covered in abrasive material and can be used to give the surface of your knife the desired finishing. Even though this tool might be quite expensive, you need it as a beginner to make a knife that is up to professional quality.


Shaping steel can be almost impossible if it is cool. That is why you need a forge to heat the steel. When the steel is being heated, you can give it any shape you want.


An anvil is an iron block used as a work surface for shaping metals. During the knife-making process, you are to place the hot steel on top of an anvil before shaping it with the help of a hammer.

Gas Forge

A gas forge allows you to control the heat applied to steel during knife making. This type of forge makes use of propane or other gases to provide heat. Using a gas forge to heat your steel will ensure that there is even heating.

Forge Hammer

You need a forge hammer to shape the heated steel into the knife you want. After placing the heated steel on an anvil, all you have to do is strike it with a forge hammer continuously until you get the desired shape.

Safety Tips for New Knife Makers

Anyone can make a knife, provided he or she has the right tools. However, there are certain precautions you need to take to ensure your safety during the knife-making process. Below are safety tips that are important during knife making as a beginner.

  • When giving your new knife the perfect finish with a belt grinder, use a respirator to prevent dust from getting into your lungs.
  • Use safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from pieces of hot steel that may fly about during the knife-making activity.
  • Before heating the steel, wear a heat-resistant apron to protect yourself from the heat radiation.
  • To reduce the risk of injury if a belt grinder should break during knife making, you need a belt safety guard.


Making your knife is a fun and enlightening process if you have the right tools. In addition, you are advised to take note of the safety tips for new knife makers discussed in this article. This is important to reduce the risk of injury and protect you from heat and hot pieces of heated steel. Considering the prices for some of the knife forging tools listed here, you can visit for affordable prices now.