Tooth-related healthcare in Utah, and why you should stay loyal to a single healthcare office.


From chipped teeth to cavities, a family will have many teeth-related problems over a decade. In the areas south of Salt Lake City, such as Midvale and Sandy, a common occurrence is dentist hopping. A family will simply go to the cheapest dentist they can find and get their check-ups done. The problem with doing this isn’t immediately clear, but it is impactful.

A family that dentist hops can expect their provided care to be much worse than one that picks a dentist in Sandy, for example, and utilizes their services for the next few years. Staying “loyal” to an office will allow your family to enjoy the benefits of medical history familiarity. A dentistry office will make notes on appointments, check-ups, and surgeries. These records help them to continue their plan and work towards a consistently healthier set of teeth across a long period of time. Hopping between offices can cause these records to be made at different offices, and the care provider might not be able to find them. Hopping between dentists often causes each technician to either repeat the same work or start trying to handle problems differently without all the information. In any area, having all the information possible before attempting to solve an issue will have a much higher chance of success than going into any situation uninformed.

As well, many dentists have loyalty programs that encourage returning customers and families. These programs can include cheaper care, easier appointments, benefits, and priority service in case of a mouth-related injury or emergency. The usage of these benefits can often help the experience of teeth-related healthcare to be less frustrating, more convenient, and more affordable. Some offices in Sandy offer a rebate program for returning family members, as well as family discounts for new patients.

On top of all this, a dentist will likely be able to more easily provide speedy service. If a doctor is more familiar with their patient, they can get to work sooner and with fewer reservations. Once again, having some familiarity with a family’s teeth-related health care history will result in the best course of action, from cost efficiency to quick service.

If your family is in Sandy, Utah, and needs teeth-related healthcare, consider finding a care provider and talking with them to make a plan for the years upcoming. You might just be surprised at how helpful having some familiarity with a doctor will be.

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