Top 3 Football Clubs to See in Vienna 

Football is a sport appreciated by all. It is a game of strength, teamwork and the potency to play under pressure. Vienna boasts of several prominent sports, but a major one would be Vienna FC football. There are various clubs and they are quite well-known and have played several international games. Football which is the most used term in Vienna is known to others, mainly visitors from North America as soccer. 

Vienna has some of the oldest and most successful clubs. In recent times, the Vienna clubs have been gaining a lot of popularity with athletes who are proving their name in the international football scene. Many international matches are played at various venues in and around the country. Here are the top 3 football teams you should be witnessing when in Vienna.  

Rapid Vienna: 

This is an Austrian football club which has been playing championships for quite a long time now. They play in the country’s capital Vienna. They have won most of the Austrian championship titles to be exact 32 including the first one in the season 1911-12. 

During the Nazi rule, they showed exemplary performance by winning the German championship in 1941. Though they have lost on both the occasions, they did reach the finals of the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1985 and 1996. Because of the team color, the team is often regarded as The Green-Whites. 

Austria Vienna: 

This is another team from the capital of Austria, Vienna. In known history, it has won the greatest number of national titles from the top flight. Winning 24 Austrian Bundesliga, it is truly is a team to look out for. 

It has in its bag 27 victories in the Austrian Cup and is one of the most successful in various tournaments. In 1978, it reached the finals of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. The home color of this team is purple while playing outside the country it would be white.  

Vienna FC: 

This was established in the year 1894, 22 August. This is one of the oldest teams you would come across and has played and created notable history all through the years. The away color of the team is again white and looks out for this team when watching a Vienna football match.    

These are the noteworthy Vienna FC football clubs still playing a great role in keeping the sport alive and never letting its glory fade away.