Top 3 myths about being a webcam model

The online modeling industry tends to be surrounded in mystery, especially since most information comes out from people who don’t actually work in this field. They are malicious and they tend to spread unfounded rumors, which affect the image of webcam models. However, when we are talking about non-adult cam jobs, the situation differs and it is quite contrary to that portrayed in the media. This is why we prepared an article in which we destroy some of the most common myths regarding webcam models, with the hope that we will convince you to give this promising career a well-deserved chance.

  1. “A webcam model has to get naked or engage in sexual activities”

This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when we are talking about non-adult modeling agencies. For example, at Studio 20, the biggest cam studio in the world, with locations in three countries on three continents (Europe, North America and South America), webcam models aren’t required to undress or perform any sexual acts. All they have to do in order to entice members and convince them to spend as much time as possible in the conversation is to talk to them.

However, in order to keep a member interested only through conversation, you have to have great communication skills. This involves perfectly mastering English or another foreign language, having a great general knowledge, being empathetic and able to put yourself in your member’s shoes. Therefore, it’s not a piece of cake to be a webcam model, as you would think. Even though it doesn’t require any special studies, like being a lawyer or a doctor, working in the cam industry is not for everybody.

  1. “A webcam model has to be a perfect 36-24-36 in size”

This is yet another false myth about the online modeling industry. As we saw before, being a webcam model isn’t all about the looks, but rather about your personality, what your skills are, and how you treat people. Of course, men will find you attractive if you smile to them and have beautiful eyes and teeth, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a perfect 36-24-36 in size or have the longest legs or the largest breast on the planet.

Actually, being what we call “cute” or “pretty” is much more important. You just have to be a pleasant presence, both for members, as well as your colleagues, trainers and manager. In this industry, not even the top models are arrogant, but they try to help the newer models achieve greater levels of success.

  1. “A webcam model is ripped of her money by the studio”

This myth originated from smaller, unprofessional cam studios, which indeed tend to take a large share of the models’ earnings. However, in the case of renowned modeling agencies such as Studio 20, models can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month legally, based on a firm contract.

Therefore, if you want to pursue a fulfilling career in this domain, we strongly advise you to choose a well-known modeling agency, in order to make sure everything is done legally and you are not stripped of your hard-earned money.