Top 3 online certificate courses for women that can be done from home

Lockdown was a tough period for many. Many people complained about losing jobs. Others found it difficult to retain their current jobs. For the rest, even getting a new job was difficult.

However, for many others, lockdown became the much-needed time to upgrade their skills. Why not join one of the best international school near you.

Online courses that offer certification is a great way to upgrade one’s skill and give a boost to one’s CV. Certifications offer credibility and authenticity, so it is always better to opt for courses which provide certifications.

There are a lot of good free online courses that offer free certifications. There are also sites which offer dedicated career guidance and courses specially for women. Click here to access free career guidance and online certificate courses from world class institutions.

We have listed below the top 3 online courses for women –

  1. Free programming courses with certification

Programming – coding and building projects is one of the most in-demand skills currently. FreeCodeCamp offers courses where one can learn coding for free. This site has certification courses for different levels – beginner, intermediate or expert. W3Schools is another good site if one wants to learn basics of HTML and coding during this lockdown.

  1. Digital Marketing Courses

Google Analytics, Social Media, SEM, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing are some of the key areas of expertise that employers seek in employees now. Udemy and Coursera have many relevant courses for digital marketing.

  1. Online Blogging

Writing blogs and content is an emerging area of interest for many employers. There are a lot platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot which offer budding writers a chance to showcase their articles.

YouTube, Udemy, Private Blogging Network (PBN), Eduonix offer free as well as paid online courses to help build relevant skills required for knowing how to blog.