Top 5 Reasons to Go for Implant-Supported Dentures

Missing teeth can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem, but there are hopes to restore your smile. With dentures, such as those offered by Washington West End Dental general and cosmetic dentists, you got a solution.  Although there are different dentures, implant-supported dentures tend to provide a more permanent solution to tooth loss conveniently, particularly if you do not want to keep removing and cleaning your traditional dentures regularly. Here are some reasons why implant-supported dentures are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures.

  • Jawbone Density is Retained

Regular dentures will depend on mouth muscles and adhesives to stay in place. However, implant-supported dentures will involve four implants being inserted into your jawbone, supporting an entire arch of teeth. The dentures will connect directly to the implant post connected to the jawbone preserving it, unlike in traditional dentures where the jawbone can deteriorate as it is not being used. When the jawbone deteriorates, all sorts of issues like increased bacteria activity and a sunken facial appearance develop.

  • Close Resemblance with Your Natural Teeth

It is difficult for your friends and those around you to tell at once that you are having implant-supported dentures as they closely mimic your natural teeth’ appearance. The acrylic material they are made of looks like the sheen, and the fact that each set is customized to meet the unique needs of every patient means they will fit in just like natural teeth. You might even misremember that they are there in your mouth as they not only look similar to your natural teeth but feels natural. It is like they were meant to be there.

  • Placement is Easy

When going for implant-supported dentures, count it as a worth investment in your oral health. The treatment is a bit more expensive than traditional dentures, but you will not need adhesives to keep on attaching the dentures. Therefore, you will incur less after your initial treatment, unlike dentures that you have to keep removing and attaching with an adhesive. Additionally, it conserves time as you do not need to remove the dentures often like the traditional ones. Even when you have to remove them and replace them, it is easier as no adhesives are involved.

  • Creates a Full Smile

When you have lost some or all teeth, what you need is a full smile replacement. However, you might not conveniently get this from traditional dentures as some do not fit well on the bottom teeth. Without a perfect fit,  you might experience issues if you have lost teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. But implant-supported dentures can be effectively used on both the top and bottom with optimal stability to create a total smile replacement.

  • Enhanced Chewing Ability

Dietary changes are common with dentures. But since nutrition is vital for your general and oral health, it is good to seek an option that allows you a wide range of foods. Implant-supported dentures allow you to eat additional foods you would not eat with traditional dentures due to their enhanced chewing ability. You can therefore eat, talk, and smile confidently, knowing that the dentures are firmly attached in place, almost as your natural teeth.

Book your implant-supported dentures consultation appointment today at West End Dental to learn more about the alternative. If you are missing any or all of your teeth, choose to restore your smile and raise your self-esteem.