Top 5 Signs that you are losing customers on Facebook 


One of the most crucial tools for customer engagement is social media. So, here we have come up with 5 tell a tale sign that shows that you are losing your Facebook customers and what should you be doing about it. But, before we go further remember that using emojis to express your emotion with your customers is always a good extra marketing effort. For example, you can use the laugh emoji to show them you are happy with them, and you are authentically honored to have a good laugh with them

There’s an incessant growth in people using Facebook as a marketing channel. If studies are to be believed, approximately 77.6% of small business owners use one or more of the social media channels to promote their business. Amongst all the social media channels, the number one preference for most business owners is Facebook. However, when it comes to Facebook, there’s a definite right way and a wrong way to conduct your social media marketing. A lot of Facebook campaigns fail. Here are 5 independent signs that are clear proof that you are not making the most of Facebook marketing.  

First – Lesser people are viewing your posts

Mark, who works with a website that offers write my essay for me services online, says that unless you have seen a decline in a following, there shouldn’t be lesser people viewing your posts. So, does the drop in the viewing means that your audience is ignoring your posts? People have a multitude of reasons to read business posts. At times, it is to get some insight on a product or service, or to know about a brand, or to learn something new, or to just get some entertainment. However, if anytime you notice that your posts aren’t being read by your audience, then you should step back and take measures to review your content. Look through your past posts and see what worked then, and compare it with content that hasn’t been working.  

Second – There’s a decline in the engagement

There are a couple of reasons for a drop in Facebook engagement. Some of the possible reasons could be:

  1. The message isn’t clear to the audience
  2. Your message does not appeal to the audience. 
  3. There’s not much variety in your posts
  4. There are way too many promotional posts. 

Just like the blogs and the articles that you publish on your website, the marketing posts on Facebook must go beyond a point of sale and try to give some value to the readers. You don’t have to post long content in your social media posts. The aim is to grab the attention of the audience in fewer words. According to Social Pilot, which is a social media marketing tool, to grab the attention on your Facebook posts and to gain traction, you need to keep the length of your posts to a maximum of 50 characters. So, ensure that you can say more in fewer words.

Third – There’s no variety in your posts

If you lack the requisite social media expertise, you might make a few mistakes. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they start out is that they overdo things. A lot of times, entrepreneurs fill up their Facebook page with information about their product or service, or new product announcements, or any ongoing sales or offer. Of course, it will fetch you some attention in the beginning, but this attention is only transient. To get more attention on Facebook, you need to have a bit of variety in your content. Jacob, who offers online do my statistics homework, services, says that along with information about your product, you can share some funny posts, posts with social messages, or share the content of some popular brand in the industry. 

Fourth – You fail to connect with your followers

The variety that you add in your posts must help you connect with your followers, who can later be your potential customers. However, the kind of variety that appeals to your audience would depend on the type of your industry or the nature of your business. You can come up with information about your product or service, along with some fun and interesting methods that the customers can employ to use your products.

Further, you can also post an emotional message from your team, or share a brand story, or put forth some trending news, or depict some industry statistics/graph that might appeal to your customers. Ross, who offers online assignment help services, says that to connect with your followers, you need to publish content that speaks to your audience. If your content is appealing, they will share it further. 

Fifth – You don’t have many people sharing your content

If you don’t find people sharing your content, then there’s some problem with your Facebook marketing. Obviously, there’ll be some posts that are more share-worthy than others. So, if none of your posts get shared, you need to do some groundwork. Brad, who offers the best product management courses online, says that to examine why there are not many shares for your content, you should try A/B testing. You can even check your past posts with maximum shares to see what worked with them.

So, these are the top 5 signs that are clear giveaway of you losing customers on Facebook.