Top 5 Situations When You Must Say “Thank You”

No, we don’t actually thank people when we should. Either we forget, or we just ignore or probably take for granted. There could be situations where we don’t ask for help, but the other person might help you upfront, and that’s where we must thank the person.

Likewise, there are a few minor but important situations wherein one must say thank you without delay. We often just ignore these little things, but only if you know these little things can brighten someone’s day!

When someone compliments you

Most of us don’t thank when a person is complimenting us, thinking it may appear as being smug. Agreed, we need to be humble when someone is appreciating us, but not overly humble.

Many of us just ruin wonderful compliments by not thanking the person, which is absolutely inappropriate. It is quite simple, as you don’t have to reciprocate a speech, rather say, “thank you” with a pleasant smile. Trust me; it will make your’s and the person’s day more beautiful.

When it’s your birthday

Agreed? It is very tiring to keep thanking our guests on our birthday, and due to this, we might forget most wishes to thank back! Birthday is every individual’s special day, and where we get loads of blessings, wishes, gifts, and sometimes good money too, we cannot afford to miss such a wonderful day, can we?

We receive so much on our birthday and thanking them with a return gift could be a little pleasant, don’t you feel so? Instead of a plain “thank you,” let us acknowledge our well-wishers with some gifts too, let us reciprocate our happiness to them, and make their day with thank you messages for birthday.

When you make someone wait!

Waiting with no company is very hassling and hectic. Not everyone can be so talented or skilled in performing such tasks! Literally, I have got no patience to wait for anyone alone with no one to talk. Often, when we are running late, we say, “sorry, I am late!” Instead of apologizing, have you ever tried saying, “thank you for waiting”?

Try thanking the person who has waited for you, who kept so much patience for you; it will indeed turn the tables for the person distracting him/her from getting irritated to simply say, “that’s okay”! And you both will certainly smile at each other. Thanking the person will acknowledge the efforts of the person, making them feel special too.

When someone comes to you with disappointments

Whether our friends, relatives, or colleagues, whenever someone approaches us with a problem or with some disappointment, what do we do? We often add silver lines to their worries, and we try to make them smile or happy. Yes, bad news can be awkward, and we often get confused about how to comfort a disappointed person.

Adding buttery lines when someone is disappointed could be a better way to make them feel better, but make them feel worthy that they have trusted you. Instead of encouraging and motivating them, say, “thank you for trusting me with your problems,” or you can say, “thank you for sharing things with me, I feel how hard it must have been.”

It is not necessary to quote silver lines for the affected person, but being there side is equally enough. When in pain, we don’t want to hear words that ease our pain, instead we just want someone to be there with us while we go through suffering.

When someone comes to you with a Feedback!

Feedback can be both good or bad, and we must positively take both. Feedbacks and reviews are very helpful, but do we see it that way? Nope! We often get defensive of our actions to react to the feedback received, which is not right! When you start agreeing and accepting the facts and your mistakes, life becomes a lot easier. Try it!

Whether the feedback is from an unhappy customer or a performance review from your manager, instead of getting defensive, try saying thank you and accept your mistake and assure them that you will improve and take care of the things in the future. The disappointment from the other person will instantly change, and you will possibly be guided too. Make sure that you stick to your words!

Unsolicited Advice or unfair criticism is annoying!

Totally, it is! But is it necessary to react to every word, every situation? Absolutely not! People are just being helpful but proudly about themselves, and that’s okay! When someone is giving you such advice or criticizing you, just say, “thank you, I am trying to improve myself,” or you can say, “ thank you, I still have a lot to learn.”

Instead of being rude or sarcastic with that person, try being humble every time in your life. Life becomes much simpler when you do that!

We can easily see through other’s faults, but can we identify our own? Pointing out others doesn’t stop us from being at fault. Hence, accept and improve, remember none of us is perfect!