Top 5 Water Heater you can Buy in India

Winter is already here and you need to start preparations to keep yourself warm this winter. After working for the whole day, everyone wants to get a relaxing hot water bath. For this, you have to buy a water heater, which can instantly warm up the water. This way you can keep yourself clean during the winter season. If you want to buy a new water heater, then you can consider the list mentioned below. You can find all the details about these water heaters.

  • Orient WS2502M 25 Litres Storage Water Heater

It is one of the most popular water heaters from the Orient. It is priced at Rs 5,299 with 25-liter storage capacity. The water is just 70 cm in height with a weight of 8 kg. It has 200 W power consumption, which shows how economical it will be for you. Out of all the products, it has the best reviews from all the customers.

  • Singer Aqua Jwala 6 Litre Gas Water Geyser

It is another great water heater within a budget price range. It is a gas geezer with 6-liter storage capacity. It only weighs 5.7 kg and has a height of 61 with some easy to understand buttons. It does not have an auto shut off button, so you need to do is manual.

  • Orient Aura WT0301P 3 Litres Instant Water Heater

It is another great product from Orient which is available at an affordable price. If you want to learn Orient Water Heater Price, then this is one of the cheapest options. This water heater is available at only Rs 2,350 which instant heating features. It is rust-resistant with auto shut off feature.

  • Eveready DOMINICA15VM 15 Litre Storage Water Geyser

If you are looking for Water Heater Price List in India, then this product from Eveready is a great option. It is a best seller water heater at a price of Rs 5,343 with 15-liter storage capacity. The water heater has a 2000 W power consumption which shows its powers for heating the water.

  • Orient Fontus WF1001P 10 Litres Storage Water Heater

This is another amazing water heater from Orient with great ratings. It is available at a price of Rs 4,725 with 10-liter storage capacity. The heater offers auto shut off feature with thermal cutoff and fusible valve. It is not rust-resistant which means that you have to take extra care of it.

These are some of the best water heaters that you can consider buying. You should consider buying a water geyser which offers all the features that you require. If price if a bigger factor, then you can consider the cheaper options.