Top 6 Hair Caring Tips Following a Hair Transplant

Anybody can lose hair at any age, depending on several factors like medical conditions. However, the feeling can be embarrassing, negatively affecting your confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, Shreveport hair replacement specialists offer several treatment options, including hair transplants to combat hair loss. Hair transplant involves harvesting healthy hair follicles in some donor places in your scalp and implanting them in the balding area. It is vital to learn how to cope after a hair transplant to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment and that the results are long-lasting. Here is how you can take care of your hair following a hair transplant.

Keep Your Head Covered

It will be necessary to wrap your head, especially for the first 24 hours following your surgery. Your provider might cover your head with a bandage, bandana, headband, or a surgeon’s cap. Ensure you consult your doctor about removing the headcover. In most cases, the bandages will be removed the following day, but you might have to stay with a headband longer. If you are removing the headgear on your own, please be careful to avoid pulling the graft.

Sleep Carefully

It is crucial to elevate your head at night while you sleep after a hair transplant to minimize the chances of swelling on your scalp. Ensure you raise your head to an elevated level, use proper pillows, or add extra ones and sleep on your back. Additionally, you can consider sleeping on a reclining chair to minimize your movements while asleep.

Avoid Scratching

Understand that the treated area might feel itchy for several days after your treatment. But no matter how stronger the feeling to scratch your head is, ensure you overcome it. You might dislodge your root hair through picking or scratching. You can consult your provider before your treatment about what you can expect to learn how to handle every situation. In case you face something too hard to control, call your doctor for assistance.

Avoid Swimming

If swimming is your favorite activity, you will have to avoid it for about two weeks following your hair transplant. Chlorinated water increases your chances of developing complications. Although you might be able to wander in the ocean about ten days after your treatment, it would be better to wait at least one month before embarking on actual swimming. It would help if you also avoid saunas and steam rooms.

Avoid Hair Care Products to Your Hair

Take care of your hair following your transplant procedure to ensure long-lasting results. You can wait for at least four weeks before using hair dye and wait seven days before using makeup and other cosmetics. When you must use cosmetics, please ensure you are gentle, especially the first month after your treatment. Also, be careful when combing your hair and do it gently to avoid rubbing the transplanted area.

Seek Follow-up Arrangements

You can arrange for your follow-up appointments with your doctor as you leave the hospital to understand when you can come back. Such appointments are crucial to ensure that your recovery is going on well. But if you experience any complications you cannot handle, you do not have to wait for your scheduled appointment; you can contact your doctor on an emergency notice.

If you cannot understand the best hair replacement treatment option for you, reach out to Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery today for guidance. You might benefit from a hair transplant and learn how you can cope up after your treatment.