Top 6 Lightweight Gold Earrings Design in 2020

Ladies should never go out without a trending pair of earrings. This fascinating piece of jewelry completes your office, party, formal, and daily look. Whether you like to dress simple or sophisticated, earrings are all you need to get your favorite look.

Comfort is the first thing that ladies look for in jewelry. Sure, the trendy designs of diamond stud earrings look fancy and extremely gorgeous. But what is the point in buying such a heavy piece that you can’t even bear for an hour? It is best to buy yourself cute and lightweight earrings that are comfortable to wear. Here we have compiled a list of top 6 gold earring designs that are trending in 2020. Let’s have a look:

1.     Cross Dangle Earrings

Are you looking for statement jewelry? Well, cross dangle earrings is a perfect accessory to turn your casual wear into a captivating outfit. Cross earrings not only make a statement jewelry piece, but they represent the three crucial symbols i.e. faith, love, and hope.

Embellished right in the middle of the cross is a sparkling diamond. The cross design dangles from a small gold ball. The earring comes attached to secured and solid posts.

2.     Scroll Design

You don’t need to wear additional accessories if you put on this exquisite piece of jewelry. Scroll earrings resemble the golden waterfall. It gives you a bold look. Unlike heavy traditional jewelry, these lightweight gold earrings shine bright in the sunlight and look stunning at parties. Even though they have a good length, scroll design earrings don’t add a burden to your earlobe. It hardly feels like jewelry is hanging from your ear.

3.     Dolphin Stud Earrings

Get a fancy look with these super cool and cute dolphin stud earrings. The two adorable dolphins can be paired with almost any outfit. They are perfect for ladies who want to have all eyes on them. Put on these exceptional pair of earrings with an evening gown or skater dress and be ready to receive the wonderful compliments.

4.     Heart-shaped Gold Earrings

Heart-shaped earrings match effortlessly with all outfits. Whether you are attending a formal event or planning a beach party with your besties, a heart-shaped gold earring will make your day. If you want to add some drama to your look, get yourself the dangling earrings featuring a couple of hearts that cascade down like a waterfall.

These earrings make a wonderful gift. The next time you visit your mom or a close friend, get them a pair of heart-shaped gold earrings.

5.     Gold Hoop Earrings

From office jewelry to party-wear accessories, hoop earrings are found in all types of jewelry collection. Why not? Their incredibly simple yet chic look makes them a perfect pair of jewelry for almost all events – be it a formal meeting or banquet party.

These tubular earrings are super simple and lightweight. Gold hoop earrings also come in different designs, especially for ladies who want something stylish and intricate. If the plain hoop earrings do not fit your style, opt for the J or C hoop gold earring and rock the event with your glamorous look.

6.     Small Puffed Heart-shaped Earrings in Gold

Ever wondered how this small pair of earrings can make such a great impact on women? Small puffed heart-shaped earrings look flawless and a precious piece. No matter how you want to dress for the occasion, you can never go wrong with this cute little pair of earrings. From skinny jeans to a classical saree, these lightweight gold earrings can complement your modern and traditional look seamlessly.