Top New Mobile Home Trends in 2020

This is a guide for the average consumer to understand better some of the changes happening in the Mobile and manufactured homes industry. Many people are looking into these as a new option for affordable housing. Quality has gone up compared to two decades ago, and in many ways today, they rival the quality of conventional single family homes. Not only is the quality gap, not nearly what it used to be, but the price gap is just as large as ever. This means it is a great way to save money on housing without sacrificing quality.

The new mobile homes mi seem to be sharing some of the same trends. The market in this industry tends to move as a whole. Here are four of the most prominent trends you can expect to see in the Mobile and manufactured homes industry this year. If you can stay on top of these trends, you will be better able to see a good deal and act on it when you find one. It is always worth it to take the time to better educate yourself when you are about to make a big decision.

Increased Sales Volume for New Mobile Homes

The volume for sales in the industry is expected to increase by up to 30 percent this year compared to last year. This seems to be driven by the rise in housing costs in cities across the country. This has effectively priced many people out of the traditional housing market. This also means that in the years to come you can expect to see increases in the prices of mobile homes. It will not happen immediately, so you still have time. If you want to get the best deal, though, you should probably act soon.

Larger Square Foot Mobile Homes

Similar to the trends that were seen in the traditional housing market as more and more people got homes, the size of the homes increased. The number of double wide trailers that are being sold is expected to increase as a percentage of the market in terms of total number of units sold. This gives you the opportunity to get a good deal on a place that has more than enough room for the whole family. The average double wide trailer is up to 2200 sq feet large than many typical homes.

Gated Mobile Home Communities

This is especially popular in the retirement community. People like the value of the mobile home and want to share the cost of land ownership. They are able to get together and form communities of like minded individuals. Some of them even organize community get together to stimulate social activity. They then are able to put up gates so that only people from the community can easily enter and exit. This increase the value of the community thanks or the enhanced security. It is even becoming popular outside of the retirement community at this point. It truly is a good idea to live in one if you want security, peace of mind, and value all in one.

Better Quality and Variety Interior Design Options

The growing industry had allowed manufacturers to spend more time and money on the interior of their homes. This means that you can find many options that rival conventional homes in terms of quality. Now you can live in peace and know that everything is good quality and did not cost too much.