Trans Dating: What you need to know

Dating a trans person shouldn’t be seen too differently from dating anyone else. If you are dating or plan on dating a Trans person, there are things to know. This is because the dating scene has its own set of challenges accompanied by it so it’s important to be properly informed. This article is a guide into the trans dating world, outlining the dos and don’ts of trans dating.

There are several things to note when dating a Trans Person, in this article we will be listing and discussing some of them. Some points to note include:

Address them with the right pronouns

There are certain pronouns you use when addressing a trans person. It is important to relate with them using gender-appropriate pronouns. If you aren’t sure how to address them, you can always ask politely by telling them your pronouns and asking for theirs. You could also wait and see how others address them so that you can know the appropriate pronouns to use. But until you are sure of the right pronouns to use, avoid using any pronouns altogether. You can just stick to using their name or observe and see how they address themselves.

Avoid asking certain questions

There is nothing like having an awkward conversation with someone, it’s uncomfortable to be in such a situation. Such situations can be triggered by certain questions. The same applies to Trans dating. You should try as much as possible to avoid certain questions that may not be comfortable for your date. Questions concerning their body change, genitals, sexual life, life before transitioning shouldn’t be brought up in any conversation. This is because such questions could make them feel uncomfortable, interrogated, or even judged. It’s only okay to talk about such things if they initiated the discussion first.

There is a difference between gender and sexuality

This is a common misconception that is going around where people take gender to be the same as a person’s sexuality. If a cis man is dating a trans woman that doesn’t make him gay or even bisexual. The same also applies to a woman dating a trans man it doesn’t make her a lesbian or bisexual. This is because a trans man identifies as a man and a trans woman identifies as a woman. Your sexuality does not change because you are attracted to someone who is trans. You shouldn’t mistake sexuality and gender to be the same thing.

Chivalry is not dead

While on a date with a trans person, whether male or female courtesy should be observed. You should respect trans women with the same respect you will give to others. The same for trans men they should be treated the same way any other person will be treated. It is important that you don’t make them feel different by treating them as humans.


The world is changing every day and we should also learn to change with it. There shouldn’t be any shame in being in a relationship with a trans person. They should be treated and respected like any human being and not differently and people’s decisions should be respected. For more info on trans dating visit