Travel Hassle-free in Style with Simple Packing Tips

Packing for a trip can really be a nerve-racking task if you don’t get things done right. And, if you are a last-minute packer, then things can go all chaotic and panicky at the end. You might leave a thing or two, or you may end up over-packing with the suitcase now not closing.

Traveling is more fun when you don’t have heavy suitcases and luggage bags to carry around. Then be it a solo, group, business, or vacation trip, packing well and less is a must for a hassle-free travel experience.Trolley bags are comfortable and come with enough space to let you pack all the essentials.

For all the travel enthusiasts that aren’t much of a packing fan, here are a few tips that can ease up your task:

Choose the Right Bag and Avoid Unnecessary Stuffing:

One efficient formula for easy carry-on luggage is to pack only the essentials. A checklist might come handy in jotting down and recognizing what you need and what you don’t. It is recommended to choose a standard-sized suitcasethat is hard and rigid. This type of bag works best for carry-on luggage, as you can fit only the amount of stuff it can accommodate without overloading. Going for a travel luggage bag that has wheels would be a plus for comfortable traveling. If you are more of a backpack person, then you can buya standard-sized one that is light and sturdy.

Follow Clothing Rules: 

When going on a trip, you might want to take along every piece of your favorite clothing from the wardrobe. However, refrain from doing so if you don’t want to ruin the fun at the hands of bulky luggage. A simple way to cut down on excess clothing is by a countdown rule from 5 to 1. This technique is best if you have planned a weeklong trip. According to the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule, you have to pick up 5 sets of undergarments, 4 upper wear, 3 bottom wear, 2 pairs of footwear, and 1 head accessory like a hat or a scarf. Basis of your needs, you can toggle between the clothing pieces. 

Pro tip: Pick your best clothes, mix and match the upper and bottom wear, go for upper wear that will look best when paired with any bottom wear. This way, you can reduce the number of clothes and would still have something different than the previous day to wear.

Weigh the Carry-on Luggage:

Most of the airlines follow weight restrictions, where certain charges might be applicable to the luggage after crossing specific weight criteria. Therefore, weighing empty trolley bags or travel backpacks is another important factor that you should consider. Remember, the bulkier the empty suitcase, the less weight allowance would be remaining for your belongings. So, pick light-in-weight travel bagsalways.

Fill Every Inch of Space: 

Fill up every inch of space to fit everything into one bag efficiently. Here are some smart strategies to arrange everything neatly in one travel bag:

  • Opt for bundling or wrapping techniques for clothes. This way, you can fit in all your selected clothing.
  • Choose to roll clothes in order to increase space and avoid wrinkles.
  • Use packing cubes (smaller bags) to keep your clothes compact and outfits in order.
  • Stuff footwear with rolled socks and then pack themin a zip lock shopping bag to protect clothes from dirt. Then, lay the shoes together heel-to-toe at the bottom of your suitcase.

Keep Laptop and Liquids in Easy Reach:

If you plan to travel with your laptop, then look for well-made travel backpacks featuring a padded compartment for laptops. Such bags help protect your laptop from external damage and make it easily accessible. Also, keep liquids or toiletries in a separate clear bag and place it on the top in your suitcase.You can even have a separate toiletry kit. Don’t forget to place your first aid kit on top as well, because you never know when you might require it.

Final Take Away!

Your travel luggage must be fitting the airline’s rules and regulations. Make sure you’re aware of the luggage restrictions and baggage allowance for the airline you’re flying with. Also, ensure that the luggage you have selected is comfortable and can fit your travel style. 

The tips mentioned above provide an easy and quick way to pack your trolley bags.However, arranging everything totally depends on your personal preference. Always select a suitcase that is light and comfortable to drag. For backpacks, make sure the material is light in weight and has enough sturdy straps.