Tummy Tucks: What You Should And Shouldn’t Expect

Once you’ve decided to get an abdominoplasty you’ll probably already feel a bit lighter. However, before you get too ahead of yourself, you should make sure you’re aware of what a tummy tuck can and can’t offer you in terms of results.

What outcomes can you expect from an abdominoplasty?

Lots of people have extra fat in their abdominal region. This can be due to several reasons, including weight gain or loss, pregnancy or simply your genes. However, over time your stomach muscles can get weaker due to age and it becomes harder to correct these problems with just diet and exercise. If you find yourself unable to deal with the issue yourself, it might be time to consider talking to an abdominoplasty in Sydney,  or Brisbane, or other city about your options.

Of course, every patient is different and so are their cosmetic surgery outcomes. But there are certain things you can expect from a tummy tuck. First and foremost, it can repair weakened abdominal muscles. Also, if you’ve ever experienced significant weight gain and loss – such as during pregnancy – you might have saggy skin that you’re unable to get rid of. A tummy tuck should be able to fix this. A tummy tuck can also be used to remove some fat and tissue, but it won’t offer the drastic results of liposuction, which is a specific fat removal procedure that can be done at the same time as a tummy tuck.

 What outcomes can’t you expect from an abdominoplasty?

Some patients come to abdominoplasty surgeons are expecting that a tummy tuck will get rid of their stretch marks – this isn’t the case. Many people have stretch marks in several places on their body, including their stomach, thighs and hips. This usually happens during rapid growth periods like sudden weight gain or pregnancy. They’re a result of your skin tearing at a deep level due to being unable to accommodate your body’s quick expansion. When excess fat and skin is removed from the stomach, your surgeon might be able to help camouflage these marks but they won’t be able to get rid of them entirely.

Another important thing to note is that a tummy tuck should really only be performed without the aid of other cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction if you’re at a stable weight. Think about it, if you’ve come in for a tummy tuck because you’re unable to fix the issues caused by pregnancy or sudden weight gain or loss, what will happen to your body if you go through either of those things again after your surgery? Probably exactly the same thing – and then you’ll end up back right where you started. That’s why it’s best to wait to get a tummy tuck until after you’ve finished having kids.

Removing problems now won’t prevent those problems from happening again, so after your tummy tuck is complete you need to lead a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of your investment in yourself.