Types of Issues That Detective Agencies Can Look Into

There are people who say that if you hire a private investigator, you’re probably on your last straw. There are others who say that you shouldn’t hire detectives or PIs unless the situation is really grave, or worse, that you should avoid hiring them in the first place. But should you really avoid hiring these trained specialists and experts? 

You might not know it, but in Singapore, hiring a detective from a private investigation company isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, it’s a thriving business that investigates all manners of concern, from business scandals to family issues and more.

You may have heard of cases where families have spent thousands of dollars keeping track of or investigating both private and public matters. Detectives have played a pivotal role in many cases, and you usually won’t get around avoiding them when it comes to dealing with legal issues.

Finding and hiring detectives

Truth be told, no one wants to be on either the receiving or sending end of a private investigation, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil that you must consider because of personal circumstances. If you’re in one of those situations that call for you to hire a detective agency in Singapore, you might want to be a little picky in hiring your private investigators. 

While hiring one and paying their PI fees don’t come cheap, an even larger amount of money and penalties are at stake if they make any mistakes or fail in their investigation. It’s a much more worthwhile investment for you if you hire detectives who know what they’re doing.

You have to be careful about how you weigh possible choices for your private investigation needs. There is no solid benchmark for how much private investigator fees are supposed to cost and you might find yourself confronted with a range of prices when it comes to choosing your agency. You might also have heard of families or individuals who have had to pay exorbitant sums just for their services.

So before you start deliberating on private investigation companies that you want to approach, maybe it’s better to familiarise yourself first with the types of situations that they can handle and investigate, what kind of work they can perform, and a few great tips on how to find the best one for your needs.

What are the types of issues or situations that private investigators can address? 


While some may think that hiring a detective should be a last resort for grave circumstances, in reality, these experts can be called for a multitude of different cases. These are just some types of cases that detectives work on.

1) Surveillance of spouses. While we want our spouses to be the closest person to us, we can’t deny that there are occasions in which someone needs to look into their spouses’ activities or background. In many cases, this is to investigate possible allegations of adultery, cheating, theft, and more.

2) Identifying and finding missing persons and objects. If you’ve ever had precious valuables stolen, or worse, know of someone who went missing, then hiring a private investigation company in Singapore is just par for the course to aid you in finding them.

3) Employee surveillance. We all want to believe our valued employees are trustworthy, but sometimes, this isn’t the case. If you have any type of workplace-related incidents like financial mismanagement, reports of workplace harassment, or data mishandling, then looking into your employees might be the safest bet for you. They can also help you nip problems in the bud before it is too late.

4) Business and other related corporate matters. Aside from helping you survey and investigate important persons within your business, an investigation company can also investigate other corporate-related matters such as copyright infringement or legal issues within the business itself.

5) Surveillance of other family members. While family feuds are unwanted, they’re also uncommon. Detectives are hired primarily to investigate matters relating to inheritance disputes and other serious matters.

6) Surveillance of home workers. Personal drivers and maids are two kinds of workers who deal with some of your most personal belongings and assets. While there are many Singaporean households with personal maids, not all of them will be trustworthy. Private investigators are hired due to allegations of theft, abuse, or other grave issues.

What you should look into before you hire a detective

Have a personal or business issue that you think will require the help of an investigation company? Before you make your decision, there are some things you need to do to ensure you have hired a reputable company to perform these services. Serious matters and issues need to be handled delicately so you can avoid bigger matters in the future.

First, do your research before approaching any private investigation company. There are many detectives operating in Singapore, so make sure to read up on your candidates thoroughly. 

You should also always ask to see their license. PI companies in Singapore are required to have a license to operate and are only allowed to perform certain services. Remember that there is a lot of work that is considered illegal or off limits for detectives, so make sure to question them and read up on the kind of work you want done before hiring. 

Second but not least, don’t forget to check up on the company itself. Their years of experience, the work they have done, and client testimonies should help you make a final decision. 

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