Types of Office Wear in Singapore and Stylish Work Dresses Ideas 

Working ladies requires a lot of skills, and learning how to dress for office is one of them. Singapore is well known for its fashion and charm and each resident of Singapore must keep pace with its trends. Looking good in the office not only gains the admiration of the colleagues but also boosts your self-esteem. At the same time, stylish, workable, and modern clothes can enhance your personality. As Singaporean women are one step forward in fashion, they not only want to look professional but also want to look stylish. In general, there are four types of corporate dresses in any type of business. You always look great but if you want to look perfect then this article will provide you with some amazing tips that will surely help you in each category. So stay close to the bases and always make sure to dress appropriately. The major types of business dress codes in Singapore include:

  • Business Formal 
  • Business Professional 
  • Business Casual 
  • Casual


Business Formal:

Formal dresses require office ladies to maintain professionalism while keeping pace with style and modern trends. The business formal office wear for women in Singapore are also preferred for most formal arrangements such as annual award ceremonies, special dinners, and other office-related important events. If you work in an environment where you meet with executives regularly or hold a senior position, you may need to dress up like a classy representation of your organization with the highest level of professional ladies office wear

For formal office or business, women should wear dark suits, skirts or dresses. Shoe options may include heels, oxfords, loafers, or formal flats. Minimal jewelry will be considered appropriate. It is suggested that the skirt length should be close to the knees. Nails should be cleared and if women want to paint them then they should be toned with single pleasant color polish.

Business Professional:

One step away from the formal business, professional office wear is still elegant, conservative, and traditional, a little less when it comes to colors and patterns. These business dresses are also known as traditional office dresses as this type is the most preferred type of office wear in Singapore. You can inject personality and more charm into your outfit work dresses with different accessories and color options. This type of dressing in Singapore is perfect for areas such as banking, accounting, finance, law, or government.

Tidy dresses, slack, and skirts are preferable while dressing in a business professional sense in Singapore in a conservative neutral color such as black, brown, or navy. The skirt should never be more than two fingers above the knees. Women can also include tops with button-down shirts. Professional office shoes in Singapore include classic heels which should not be more than 3 inches, tidy flats, or loafers. Light jewelry and accessories like belts will provide extra charm to office wear for women. Hair should be clean and groomed.

Business Casual:

Business casual is the most common dress code in Singapore. Most of the organizations adopt this fashion, allowing women to incorporate charm and personality into their work dresses without looking unprofessional. In the informal business environment, women can expect a lot in terms of colors and accessories. The term informal business can mean different things to different organizations. Since it is not very informal or overly formal, there is usually an easy way for working women to dress if they are not sure about the workplace and its environment.

For casual businesses, women can wear button-down shirts, pencil skirts, khaki pants, trousers, and blouses. The color and style can be distinguished by their jewelry and belts. Any type of shoes can be worn but flats, mules, boots, and heels will be more appreciated. Scarves may also be appropriate. The work dress, shoes, and accessories can be of any color, although black, brown, navy, red, and grey are the most suitable. You should have a stylish yet simple hairstyle.


Women who work in the casual environment offices in Singapore are the luckiest. Here your dress does not require to be too informal and should not be too fancy. According to a survey by Salary.com, the people working in casual business make decisions as they choose dresses, means that the women with fair casual office wear will have more confidence and will make a better decision than others. Avoid overly casual jeans and shirts such as flared jeans. Open shoes can be used. Nails can be painted with any colors or with any kind of pattern.

Some Other Things to Consider: 

While going for office, it is recommended to take care of some facts because the dressing is the most crucial part of your job and performance. 

  • When using skirts as office wear in Singapore, its length is important. Ideally, your skirt should be near to your knees, slightly below or above. 
  • Make sure that the skirt is not too narrow so that you can sit and walk comfortably. Pencil skirts and A-Line options are the most suitable. 
  • Choose pants or jeans that suit your body type while remembering its length.
  • Get your pants altered if they are long and avoid cuffing them. Try to choose a neutral color such as black, navy, or grey as they look perfect with shirts of all colors.
  • Prefer shirts of black and white colors, also try the different hues of these colors to add design and style.
  • Avoid common types of shoes such as slippers or joggers.

The Best Place to Find Work Dresses Singapore:

When it comes to dresses shopping in Singapore, online sites and vendors are the best and most suitable option. There are a variety of reasons that contribute to the popularity of online sites. The most appreciable benefit of online shopping is that you will find office wear of high quality at comparatively low prices. Get perfect office wear and you will see an improved office life and work performance.