Ultimate Guide for the “King of Fruits” Durian

Even though the unusual, strong odour of durian has put off some people, many food lovers are fond of eating it. You might be one of the people who are adamant to eat durianbecause of the pungent smell, but once you get to taste its creamy flesh, you surely won’t get enough with the exotic flavour.

What is Durian?


Durianis considered as the “King of Fruits” because of its large size! Moreover, its thorned exterior is shaped like a crown, so it’s hailed as the “king” of all fruits.

It also is a native fruit grown in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Even though this is the case, it became widely popular in Asian markets, so it reached countries like the United States, China and Singapore. In Singapore, Durian can even be ordered online.

Durian in Singapore


Singapore is one of the countries that love durian. There is even a structure built in Esplanade that was designed like adurianthat was cut. Moreover, seasons of durianexist:

    • Minor Season – December to February
  • Durian Season – June to September.
  • No-Durian Season – The rest of the months

During the season of durian, streets would be lined up with stalls selling this fruit. Most durian orders onlinewould also start to triple as the prices start to drop. You could get it for $16 per kg! However, the prices depend not just on the weight of the durian, but also its variety. Many different types of durian are available in Singapore, but the most popular type is the Mao Shan Wang.

Durian | Mao Shan Wang

Mao Shan Wang or also known as the “Musang King” or the “Raja Kunyit” has dominated the fruit market of Singapore because of its sweet, creamy flavour. Moreover, you can easily take off the seed from the flesh, thus you can enjoy the real exotic taste of durian.

Another reason why Maon Shan Wang became the most popular type of durian is that it came from two of the best plantations in Malaysia: Pahang and Johor. Even though this is the case, not all durians from these areas are considered the best. Each fruit would still have to go under a strict selection process and determine which should be sold in the wholesale centre or which ones should be left on the farm. Thus, the only way you can get quality duriansis to find a trustworthy durian seller.

TheMaon Shan Wangalso has a rich history. It originally came from an old tree from GuaMusang in Malaysia. It only reached the Pahang plantation, when Tan Lai Fook took a branch and brought it to Raub, Pahang. This is when he started cultivating the Maon Shan Wang, and the rest of the story became history.

To recogniseMao Shan Wang, you should check the bottom of the durianfruit. See if you can spot a brownish, starfish-shaped mark at the bottom. There should also be no spikes at the bottom. Also, the spikes should look short and thick. If you are going to buy an order durianonline, then you should ask the seller if they could send you a photo of the base of the durian. This is to make sure that it is indeed,Mao Shan Wang.

Other Popular Varieties of DurianinSingapore

  • Golden Phoenix

At some durian shops, the Golden Phoenix is also among the popular varieties. Even though it is small, it’s unique taste is what makes it a favourite among the locals. It is not as sweet as the other varieties and it has a floral aroma. This is also best recommended for first-timers of tasting durian.

  • Sultan (D24)

In most online durian shops, the Sultan or D24 was the first type of durian that eventually became popular. It is more known than Mao Shan Wangin the 2000s’. Unlike Mao Shan Wang, the Sultan is just a medium-sized fruit. Also one of the distinctive qualities of it is that it has a coin-like, brownish sign at the bottom. As for the taste, the D24 is creamier and fleshier. Compared to other varieties, the taste is also milder.

  • Black Pearl

Another milder and less overwhelming type of durian is the Black Pearl. You can easily spot this durianvariety because of its football-like shape and its pointy base. It was named “Black Pearl” because the seeds look like little dark beads. If you are curious about how they taste, then expect a bittersweet flavour.

  • Black Thorn (D200)

The Black Thorn could be a good contender of the Mao Shan Wangbecause it almost has the same sweet and rich custard flavour. However, its texture is not as light and rich as the Mao Shan Wang. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an award-winning durian fruit. It won an award at the Penang State Durian in 2011 and 2012.

Storage Tips for Durian

It is simple to store the durian that you have ordered online. You only need to wrap it around plastic or paper  and put it inside the fridge. The only problem with this is that your refrigerator could smell after a few days. So, you should eat the durianimmediately once you have received it.

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