Utilities of the Best Online Reviews

\Importance of online reviews, today, managing the opinion of your customers online is increasingly important. This is the best option that you can go for. The reviews are there and that is the reason you can have the perfection for the same.

It is clear to anyone involved in marketing today that:

  • Our buying process has changed in recent years
  • The role of traditional advertising has been downsized

The opinion of other consumers, their advice and their evaluations are today a fundamental driver for our choices. For this reason, online reviews are a key tool that a good marketer must monitor to ensure the success of their product.

Of great importance for any type of product, reviews affect customers in different ways depending on the product category. Visit https://www.knowitallnev.com/ for the best results now.

Types of reviews

In this regard it is necessary to make a distinction between:

“Research products”: all those products that can be objectively described and for which the credibility of the review and its impact on purchase intentions is linked to the degree of detail of the review itself;

“Experience products”: all those products for which an objective evaluation is complex to make and for which the degree of agreement between different reviews and the number of reviews that go in the same direction matters a lot.

An important aspect to consider is the motivation that drives users to write a review.

Importance of online reviews: positive and negative reviews

Often, the customer only writes a review in case of very good or very bad experiences.

Have you ever written a review of a restaurant without infamy and without praise?

Positive reviews can have a direct impact on online sales.

Consumers trust this tool, even if they don’t directly know the people who write their opinions on the products.

Every e-commerce should:

  • Encourage users to write their comments regarding the relationship with the company and with the products / services purchased.
  • Provide them with the proper tools to do so.
  • As for the negative reviews, we try to find a positive side in these too.
  • A bad review, in fact, if well managed, can turn into a “manifesto” that illustrates the great seriousness of the company.
  • Often the reviews concern the characteristics of the products sold or the delivery times and methods.
  • The review system is useful, in particular, to all those startups that are configured as marketplaces and therefore carry out the sole task of putting supply and demand in contact on their portal or application.


In these cases, since the final service, and therefore the final customer satisfaction, is not directly dependent on the portal itself, it is essential to offer a rating system to facilitate the choice between all the service providers present and to orient the final customers on the subjects that best meet their needs. If you are convinced that you are offering a quality product and that your customers are 100% satisfied, now is the time to implement a review system to change your business.