Water Damage Restoration Cost In 2020

Water damage is two words no one wants to hear. A few drops of water can turn into thousands of dollars in damage! Unfortunately, there are many people that suffer from water damage every day. This list gives you a better insight into what you may face with water damage and the next steps to take for repair.


Storms or other types of weather can really do a number to your roof. When that happens, a leaking roof can cause mold, dry rotting, and much bigger issues. If you can, locate the leak, get it under control the best you can, repair it, or call a professional. To restore a roof usually starts around $750.

Basement Repair

Basements are known for flooding and keeping moisture. Not a pleasant combination. Mold is very familiar with basements. When mold and or plumbing set in, you now have much bigger issues to take care of. To restore your basement, you are looking to spend around $1,500 at a minimum.

Family Rooms

Common areas like the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen may need complete restoration. When water seeps into a window seal, the cabinets, or floor, this can turn into a bit of a nightmare. Mold can grow in the walls causing the lumber to deteriorate. If water leaks down into appliances such as the washer and dryer, you are looking to spend, on average, $1200 for a new set. Companies like Servpro Water Damage Restoration specialize in water damage, mold, storm damage, and more. You may want to call a professional unless you are willing to take the job on yourself. Smaller repairs can start around $500 and go up from there.

There are several things that professionals like Servpro look at when making a plan for restoration. What kind of water caused the damage? Was it gray, black, or clean? The type of water or location that caused the damage is a crucial factor when determining if you will need a small repair or a complete restoration and price.

Black Water

Blackwater contains human waste or toxins, which can lead to serious health issues when exposed and could also cause structural damage. For example, if the upstairs toilet were to overflow and damage the carpet, pricing usually starts around $8.00 a square foot depending on if it is a busted pipe or a clog.

Gray Water

Gray water would be more like a pipe bursting under the sink or water leaking from the dishwasher onto the kitchen floor. Although gray water isn’t as polluted as black water, it could still cause health issues. Repairs usually start around $5.00 a square foot or $250.00. If there is mold or rotting wood, then the price starts climbing.

Clean Water

Clean water has little to no contaminants and doesn’t cause health issues. Clean water can still cause severe structural damage. Making repairs from clean water damage starts around $4.00 a square foot. Replacing waterlogged drywall is cheaper than other repairs like replacing the flooring or cabinets, which could begin at a $2,500 base fee.

The cost of repairs starts at $3,000 nationally, and the minimum price starts at $1,000 and can go up to $8,000! That’s not including the cost of labor. If you have any water damage caused by stormy weather or busted pipes, do not ignore it. Even the smallest drips can create the most significant problems. Rather you want to DIY or use someone like Servpro Water Damage Restoration make sure to act fast!