Ways on How to Give a tip to the dealer

One of the highly contested topics that most people talk about is whether to give a tip to the dealer or not. Many dealers look for recommendations to have a good living. With the online casinos coming up, people play it online. Many people still visit live casinos to try their luck. But the number has dropped due to economic turns of events. Judi slot online is taking over the gambling world, and so, you can pay tips for the solo players. For the teams, it can get complicated.

How to tip the dealer on the table?

  1. Check if the dealer is putting your card on the favor

Some of the games use a slot to determine whether their cards have been placed or not. Many dealers take the players’ side to make them win. If that happens, you can make a tip to the dealer.

  1. When the dealer is a silent one, pay the tip.

Many times even though the answer the different, the dealer doesn’t speak up. Many dealers yell if the players want to increase the black checks. If the dealer is a silent one, it is a good one to tip.

  1. Putting chips in the pockets

This means that you put the chips discretely in your pockets when you plan. Likewise, don’t be too ambitious while doing this. The amount you place in your pocket should align with the amounts you wagered.

  1. Emphasizing the losses

Emphasize all the losses and try that it will not play a constant game. Because when you lose all the time, you can’t tip the dealer.


Dealers deal with so many players daily. Even they require money to have a good life. Be pleasant to the dealers and, when possible, tip them well.