What are 5 signs that you must visit an eye doctor?

Having a good sight is crucial for your well-being and for improving the quality of your life. But what happens when you notice your eyes aren’t working the same way? We will discuss it in the following lines and give you some recommendations.  The warning signs can be: 

1. You can’t see well in the distance or up close

The two conditions presented are myopia and presbyopia. To cure them, or improve their symptoms, you will need glasses. While your ophthalmologist gives the diagnosis, the optometrist will prepare your glasses or contact lens. If you ever thought about what does an optometrist do, the answer is he prepares different optical devices. 

2. You have red eyes

If you are experiencing eye redness that has been bothering you for a while, make sure to visit an eye doctor. You get this symptom if you have an allergy or if you looked much at the sun in the afternoon, but it can also be a sign of conjunctivitis. While treatable, it is mandatory to see a doctor so you can get the correct treatment scheme. 

3. You have a high light sensitivity or photophobia

This problem can mildly appear every time your eyes are exposed to strong light. However, if it becomes painful, it’s time to make an appointment and see a doctor. It can be a sign of cataracts, of a migraine or allergies. In some cases, for example cataracts, you will need a small intervention. The optometrist will be there to prepare the crystalline, the small lens in your eye that needs replacement. 

4. You’ve been experiencing headaches

Headaches can have multiple causes, but one of them is eye problems. This time, if you are thinking ophthalmologist vs optometrist, here is the answer. First, you visit the ophthalmologist so that you can receive a proper diagnosis. The latter doctor comes in handy if you need glasses or contact lens. If the cause of the headaches isn’t eye related, you will need to visit other doctors too.

5. You have dry eyes

If your eyes feel dry or itchy, you must go see a doctor, especially if you have been experiencing these symptoms for a long time. They can be signs of chronic diseases, harder to treat than acute illnesses. You will either need some eye drops, to get your eyer lubricated properly, or some different treatment scheme.