What are Residential Solar Leads?     

If you are into the solar business, then you know that residential solar lead generation can be costly. It is not easy to find good providers of residential solar leads that can give good results.

The solar industry is growing fast. There are about 5 to 10 million American households that are thinking about going solar and businesses need to install a lot of this solar technology. It took a while before solar finally came to.

Buying solar leads vs. generating them on your own

If you are thinking of buying solar leads or doing them on your own, the answer is to do both. However, it is important to monitor the cost of both methods and determine which is more effective and budget-friendly. While you can generate leads using your website, most of the traffic goes to the major players in the residential solar lead generation.

Solar companies do not use Adwords to generate their leads because it costs more. Setting up an Adwords account takes time and new accounts do not easily convert to sales.

How Residential Solar Leads are Done

The right companies know how to do solar lead generation most effectively. Here are some of the methods done by reliable lead companies.


There must be due diligence in everything that you do. This is why research is an important component in generating solar leads. Lead generation companies must know about the market, target, and the proper way of advertising to the right people and businesses. The ads must reach homeowners who are planning to go solar, and these must also reach solar providers. The right combination of social media, SEO, and PPC can guarantee your company to get high-quality solar leads.


A good company has good strategies that target the customers and they can assist you as you reach your goals.

Organic solar leads generation

Top-performing solar companies get their solar leads organically. This means that these companies do not spend on marketing and advertisements. Here are some helpful tips that can help you generate organic leads for your solar company.


Having a professional-looking website that contains the necessary information about your company is important in today’s digital age. Make sure that the company addresses and contact details are always up-to-date.  Having a user-friendly website can get you organic leads and increase the chances of closing a deal and converting leads to a sale.


High-quality services and reasonable prices will be your top asset. Do not underestimate the power of customer referrals because this can make up to 50 percent of solar leads. Online reviews are also helpful especially if customers mostly have positive reviews to give.


Working together with related industries and introducing people to your solar company is a good way to establish presence and trust in potential customers.

These methods, coupled with a good solar lead generation company can help boost your solar company’s reputation and sales. So be sure to choose wisely.