What Are the Advantages of Using Wallpaper Over Paint?

Your space is sacred. So, using the best materials to decorate and design it in a way that reflects the true you is a no-brainer. No wonder you’re torn between using wallpapers or paint. Don’t worry, let’s help you make that decision. And, if you’re a company mulling over buying wall coverings in bulk, then this article is for you too.

Wallpapers have never been more in style, what with the advancement and development in wallpaper production – like digitally printed and textured wallpaper – the sky might well be the starting point for anyone joining the wall covering train.

Wallpapers have become so trendy that soon, the United States may hold a significant market share in global commercial wallcoverings.

Not convinced you should join the club?

Well, this would do the trick.


Here are six reasons why using wallpaper trumps paint—every time.

  1. Wallpapers hide imperfections better

Is that horrible crack in the wall bothering you? Worried that slight bulge is a constant eyesore that won’t go away no matter how many times you paint it over?

This is one thing a fresh coat of paint can’t solve. But you know what can? Wallpaper.

Wallpaper can hide cracks, damage, and any crooked angles in the wall much better than paint would. Thus, helping you save the money you would have spent plastering and then painting the defect or even tearing down the entire wall.

So, if you’re a construction company looking to save a few, then commercial wallcoverings might be the answer for you.

  1. It is more durable and cheaper

Contrary to what people think, wallpapers can stand the test of time.

In fact, they can last for as long as ten years. Excellent moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper can last even longer!

However, this all depends on how well well-installed they are, and on the quality too.

Nevertheless, their durability surpasses paint, which can be easily stained by greasy fingered kids or mischievous pets, and would need constant repainting.

Maintenance is also easy, since most wallpapers are now washable. This means that with just a little soap and a damp cloth or sponge, you are rid of most stains.

Is your wallpaper lifting at the seams? A little adhesive would fix that up.

The pros of this unique feature are that it’s cost-effective, making commercial vinyl wallcoverings the go-to for high-traffic areas in homes, offices, and other spaces.

  1. It offers a variety

Gone are the days when you had to shell out hard cash to get unique wall coverings. Nowadays, with the advent of digital printing, you have the option of choosing among a variety of wallpapers – stripes, and patterns, and all things in between.

Wallpapers also come in a kaleidoscope of exciting textures and fresh designs, some of which are exceedingly realistic. We’re talking faux concrete, brick wall, wood grain, or fur finishes that are quite good at mimicking the real deal.

And you can’t talk about variety without mentioning Koroseal vinyl wallcoverings and their array of dazzling masterpieces. Seriously. They’re gorgeous.

  1. They’re all about the effect

Wallpapers are capable of bringing warmth and light to any space. Be it a feature wall, handcrafted beauties, or modern geometric designs, wallpapers give you an ambiance that ordinary paint struggles to provide.

They’re also great at giving the impression of height, depth, or width to walls – much better than monotone paints if we must say.

Want your walls to appear taller? Try vertical stripes. Wider and roomier? Horizontal lines are just the thing. Do you feel like going back to the classics? Then a lovely damask would be perfect.

Or maybe you need a woodsy, camping feel? Why not try out our range of Koroseal wallcoverings for that architectural flavor.

Oh, let’s not forget the trend that’s taking the wallpaper industry by storm. Digital murals. They’re customized wallpapers made with your pictures or a generic design resized into any pattern you want

For any effect or style you want, there’s a wallcovering that’s made just for you.

  1. It’s super easy to change

Are you tired of seeing that wallpaper all the time and need to redecorate ASAP? No problem!

With the new peel and stick wallpaper technology, changing wall décor has become simpler. Just peel away the wallpaper with no damage to the plaster or sticky marks on the wall. Let’s see you try that with paint 😉

This is especially useful in places that require frequent redecoration, like hostels, motels/hotels, restaurants, and all.

  1. They are easy to put up

Just as how they’re easy to take down, wallpapers aren’t difficult to hang up either. You don’t need a guru to install it.

Wallpaper manufacturers have embraced the DIY concept, making most installations a matter of pasting it on the wall with little or no adhesive and with just basic wallpaper-hanging knowledge.

This makes it faster and cheaper to install than paint, which would require some expertise if you want an intricate design.

Removal is also quicker, as the wallpaper can be stripped off in large sheets that come off quickly.

There you have it, six reasons why wallpapers would be better for your walls than ordinary paint. You need not limit yourself to the monotones of painting when you can have a variety of wallcoverings.

Are you still torn between the two? The great thing is that you don’t have to take one and leave the other. Wallpapers can be used side-by-side with paint to give that dynamic air to any space – no need to pick favorites.