What are the Best Escape Rooms in Sydney

Escape rooms are always great and full of fun. It is an adventurous way of developing team spirit and communication between each other. It is a perfect game for those who don’t love to be locked inside a room. This game attracts mainly teenagers and adults. Surely it will fun to see what they do when they are forcefully kept inside a room.

It will be unlucky if you live in Sydney but haven’t yet heard the name of the game ‘escape room Sydney. Let’s look at some of the best escape rooms existing in Sydney.

This is one of the most famous escape rooms running very popularly in Sydney. It is situated at the 4th level of 393 George Street in Sydney. It offers the most intensive and exciting room experiences. If you are a heart patient then do want to visit there because your adrenaline will be fueled and the brain will be pumped.  You will lose yourself in the secret mission, wizard’s quest and several assassins.

  • Expedition Sydney

If you want to experience the best-themed rooms in an escape room game Sydney then you have to go to 11 A Cope Street in Redfern. Yes, there is situated the craziest escape room of Sydney. The rooms are so great that even if you are man enough still mystic feelings will gather your mind. You need to try this one for sure.

  • Mission Sydney

This escape room provides service in two places of Sydney Pitt Street and also in George Street. There are four escape rooms so you will have the flexibility to choose according to your choice. You can experience some serious kind of fun with family kidnapping or real doctor experiment or a crystal mine full of mysteries or a missing in vampire’s castle. 

  • Intermission Sydney

Intermission Sydney is located at the 1st level of 484 Kent Street in Sydney. There are so many twists and turns that you can’t even imagine. Here you will be transferred to another world according to your choice with a 360-degree view. 

These are some of the famous escape rooms games in Sydney. There are many more out there waiting for your presence. You can visit any one of them at the weekends. It will be a really good plan to spend quality time with your friends and family. You can also plan the tour for a meeting if you are a business owner. Or can go with your colleagues as well.