What Are The Business Card Design Mistakes That Should Be Avoided?

By the way, in everyday life, we use many cards daily and get benefits through them.  But there are very few people who are interested in professional business card. A business card is such an identity in which that special information about the company is entered so that people can contact the organization. Especially for those who are in the initial stage of business.

The 10 Most Simple Business Card Design Error Which We Need To Refrain are as follow –

  1. Small font size :

Most of us are not fully 20/20 vision. To correct which glasses use these lenses. That’s why it’s important to produce 3.5″ x 2″ business card samples that are large enough to be read through print.

  1. Bad choice of font :

While designing the design, people usually think of comic sense, it is a poor choice of font. That is why it is best to use a maximum of two basic and semi-bold font typefaces to give a beautiful look to the business card. Avoid fancy fonts and handwritten fonts as they are difficult to read in a small area.

  1. Paper size :

However, paper-sized cards are controversial as most people prefer to use exclusive business cards.  However, in practice, it is difficult to store large and uniquely shaped cards. That is why traditionally 3.5″ x 2″ paper sized cards work in these cases.  If you want to use a larger card, look for the option of having it folded up so that it’s easy to carry in your purse.

  1. Paper type :

The use of paper is the most important in making business cards. That is why it is important that the paper is good and quality while getting the card printed. Be sure to inquire about a better quality paper from the person who prints it. For making business cards, using thick and good quality cards is considered a better option. It is a bit expensive but a profitable investment.

  1. Color contrast :

While making this card a problem comes up but the problem is with the color. If you want to use a font color that matches your background color. Which is close to you but it is difficult for most people to see it. Especially for people with color blindness. People who have difficulties in reading the subject matter because of the colors. That’s why to use small color plates, especially for such people, and also to give a better look to the business card.

  1. Not giving enough information :

You must give the necessary and accurate information on the business card so that the recipient can get complete information about your work through it. Otherwise, people show less interest in work. Serif text looks better in a subtle off-white color, so you can use it to create a better design for the card.

  1. Giving too much information :

You want to include as much important information as possible in your business card, but because of the small size of the card, you can include limited information. That is why it is important that you can give some specific information like name, location, phone number, email, etc. On a commercial basis, you can add your website and social media.

  1. Inconsistent branding :

A brand is very important in any business. Inconsistent branding spoils the image of the business. The design of your card should be beautiful in everything from the typeface to the graphics. Use fonts and color palettes for the website and other marketing materials as much as possible. This will help in getting you recognized immediately.

  1. Lack of white space :

White space in the spaces around your text or graphics gives your card a beautiful look.  These are essential elements in creating a better business card. It helps to maintain the main focus on the space around the graphic or text. This is easily visible in business cards.

  1. No unique selling proposition :

To grow your business, you must use bold designs with unique shapes to make your business card unique and beautiful with no unique selling proposition. What you do becomes appropriate for your recipient in your business, through which the recipients are motivated to do business with you.