Have you tried using a virtual event platform in Singapore? When we think of events, we always picture people who celebrate or talk about a shared topic or experience in a certain place. We might think of elaborate weddings or birthday parties, or maybe we think about the last festival or convention we went to. For some business-minded people, they might think of corporate events like marketing campaigns or trade shows that showcase many companies and their products or services. You might think of booths and activities that you might see at events

Though the kinds of events you can think of are very diverse, there’s one thing that brings them together: they’re usually gatherings of people who come together to attend them. But because of this reason, events are becoming less and less common. More and more people are choosing to skip in-person events because of the health and safety risks that our current situation has brought us.

This may pose a problem for those of us who want or need to host events. For example, if you’ve had an important event that you were looking forward to, but had to cancel because of restrictions on in-person meetings, what can you do?

An introduction to virtual events

It’s not surprising that many people are increasingly turning to creative alternatives to in-person events. Fortunately for those who need to host events but can’t hold them in-person for whatever reason, there’s a perfectly viable alternative that might end up being more advantageous than in-person events: hosting a virtual exhibition or event in Singapore.

While the value of face to face meetings will never truly disappear, one should not discredit the crucial role that virtual events have played and continue to play over the years. There are many reasons why bringing people together in the same place for an extended period of time might be a bad idea, but it shouldn’t stop you from hosting an event if you want to.

Don’t think that hosting virtual events is all that easy, though. While you may not encounter the same difficulties as hosting live events, there are still certain challenges in turning conferences, live streams, or activities into virtual parties that many people will enjoy or remember. There may be a virtual event company in Singapore or apps and guides to help you out, but virtual events require just as much attention to detail as in-person events.

Virtual events in business


Are you looking to create your own event in the virtual world? Great! There are many upsides to having events online. For example, you can be much more inclusive– while live events are restricted only to people who can visit the location of your in-person event, people from all around the world can attend virtual events. You can also be much more accurate in tracking viewer or attendee data. Online, most people are comfortable sharing details about themselves and you can track them.

Most virtual events are structured as presentation-type meetings, collaborative sessions, or interactive activities in which the audience can participate. There are several types of virtual events that can be done virtually. Here are a few of them.

Classes and courses. If you’ve ever done home studying, you can study with a tutor virtually via online means. These are technically live virtual events and are prevalent at both the student and business levels.

Webinars. Webinars are just another word for a virtual seminar. It’s like a classroom session, except it’s a one-off event that’s meant to teach and share valuable content. Like a live seminar, they hold sign-ups and registrations that are almost like a marketing campaign.

Meetings and conferences. Regular business meetings are the backbone of any business operation. Without it, it would be difficult to delegate tasks, do reports on business operations, or relay important information. You might not need a virtual event organiser in Singapore for these types of events, but they can be incredibly important especially in a time where many people are switching to remote work.

Music concerts, shows, etc. Yes, these are important for businesses too because they also double as marketing campaigns for many companies. Oftentimes, the sponsors of these shows will be able to showcase their products, services, or brands.

Hybrid events: the future of event planning?


Other fun virtual events to take note of are hybrid events, which are becoming popular because of their versatile nature. Hybrid events are popular because you can combine elements of live events with those of virtual ones to create a completely new experience for your attendees to appreciate.

There are two types of hybrid events: internal and external. Internal events are those that are restricted to within your company or organisation. It’s useful to consider them especially if you have employees who are based outside of the organisation’s home company or if multiple employees are spread out over different areas.

External hybrid events, on the other hand, are events that involve attendees or an audience from outside your organisation. Since it might not be feasible or even possible to have everyone attend your live event, having a virtual event alongside your live one will ensure that you reach the biggest audience. This type of event is slowly replacing exclusively live ones as live-streaming becomes a common platform. You might want to choose this option if you want the best of both worlds.

Should you consider virtual events?

If none of these options stood out to you, then, by all means, pursue a live event. But you’d definitely be missing out on reaching a potentially larger audience by not considering a virtual option. Why not do your research?

There are tons of ways you can hold memorable events without risking in-person gatherings. Browse Evention’s site and reach out to us to know more about virtual and hybrid events in Singapore!